Predator Versus Marvel

by Matt Tuck

Marvel-Predator-Teaser-197x300 Predator Versus MarvelAliens are not the only Fox property making collecting waves. The Predator keys are ballooning in value thanks to Marvel’s recent teases.


If any franchise is long overdue for a reboot, it is the Predator. The current films are a long way removed from the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger 1986 movie, which was both great and terrible all at the same time. Next, Danny Glover took on the Predator in the 1989 sequel, which was passable. Since then, every movie featuring the Predator has been just terrible.

On the comics side of things, everyone’s favorite space hunter has fought anything from xenomorphs and Batman to Archie. Honestly, when Predator is tracking down the elusive Archie, the idea tank may be running dry. 


In the grand scheme, it may be the perfect time for a Predator reboot. Enter: Marvel Comics.

Since Disney acquired the rights to the Fox properties, Aliens and Predator had fans buzzing. We know now that next year, Marvel will begin publishing a new line of comics for both franchises. While they are beloved by sci-fi fans worldwide, the former behemoths have definitely lost their luster over the past 30-plus years.

This is the perfect time for a reboot, and that could earn the Predator new fans and a resurgence in popularity. It could even spawn an all-new movie franchise. 

To collectors, all of this is the potential for big returns on those key issues.

Predator-1-194x300 Predator Versus MarvelPREDATOR #1 (FIRST PRINT)

Of course, when it comes to Predator, there is only one true key issue: Predator #1. This comic was created in conjunction with Predator 2’s theatrical release in 1989, and the story followed what has later been dubbed the “city hunter” from the movie. 

At a 9.8, this issue has reached new heights this year. It has averaged $576 over the past three months, and one sold for a record-high $726 on October 27. For three years prior, it had not surpassed the $355 mark, yet it has not sold for less than $500 since July 4.

If the 9.8 is too much for your budget, consider opting for a 9.6. There are few differences between the two grades, so you are still getting a beautiful copy, but for a fraction of the cost. At the moment, the 9.6 has a 90-day fair market value of $167. 


Subsequent printings have captivated the collecting world in recent years, and the Predator #1 second print, which has the same cover as the first print, is feeling the heat from the Marvel news.

A year ago, the 9.8 was a $105 comic on average over nine sales. Before that, it had never sold more than four times in a given year. Most often, there was only one sale over a 12-month span. In 2020, all of that has changed. There have been 10 graded 9.8s sold online, and the most recent sale was for $192. It has sold for $200 or more five times, and a $230 sale in March set a new single-sale record.

Batman-v-Predator-1-1-210x300 Predator Versus MarvelBATMAN VERSUS PREDATOR #1

More than just the Predator’s first appearance has been picking up steam. Even the space hunter’s first superhero crossover is benefiting from the enthusiasm. 

At a 9.8, Batman Versus Predator #1 graded at a 9.8 has doubled in value. Collectors have seen it rise from being a $40 comic in 2018 to a 90-day average of $81. One sold for as much as $134 in May, and another reached $100 on September 25. As recently as October 26, this comic was selling for $80. That is an impressive rise in value.


Dark Horse Comics paved the way for an entire Predator universe. If the creative team at Marvel follows in their footsteps, the franchise will reach a new level of success.


FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Predator Versus Marvel

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Miguel Cervantes November 10, 2020 - 4:48 am

The 1986 Predator was great. To say it was also terrible is a damn lie. Not saying it was flawless, but no movie is perfect. To suggest it is both a great and terrible movie is such a strange view point. It is an excellent Action/Thriller. To say anything less without explanation is insulting.

Matt Tuck November 11, 2020 - 9:21 pm

Miguel, I am a huge Arnold and ’86 Predator fan. While I love the movie, it has some seriously cheesy moments that are hard not to laugh at (like Billy’s Native American stereotype moments or Dutch sneaking into the guerilla camp, lifting the back of a pickup truck with his bare hands, and rolling it toward the bad guys without anyone noticing until it’s too late, even the classic “get to the choppa” line). Those moments are corny enough to be funny, but then the action and that amazing Predator costume and effects are so well done that it elevates the carries the film. For what it is, it is a great action/horror/sci-fi movie with some terrible moments. From a cinematic standpoint, I would not put it in the same league as the original Alien or even Aliens.

Beau November 10, 2020 - 7:31 am

I would throw in dark horse presents 36 (both covers) in as easily the second most important predator comic behind predator 1. Way before a cross over issue

StaggerLee63 November 13, 2020 - 6:16 am

Wow I’ll look forward to this. Some new cool Predator and/or Aliens comics are always welcome!


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