Collecting Predator #1

by Matt Tuck

Predator-1987-movie-poster-208x300 Collecting Predator #1Thanks to Marvel taking over the publishing rights, it would be worth your investment dollars to watch 1989’s Predator #1.

Two years ago, prices for those early Predator comics were showing life on the market. In hindsight, some of this could have been from the rumors of the Fox properties being on the market. Little did we know at the time that Disney would buy the company.

When Disney bought Fox, the comic world understandably focused on the rights of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four families of characters. In the back of our collective mind, we all understood the implications for the Predator franchise.


Predator-roar-300x157 Collecting Predator #1Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger further solidified his action-hero legend in 1987’s Predator (not to be confused with 2018’s The Predator, all copies of which should be burned so Arnold can dance on the ashes), the real star of the movie was the late Kevin Peter Hall and a costume that stands the test of time.

As both campy and fantastic Predator is, what makes the movie a classic is John McTiernan’s directing and that amazing Predator suit. (Just for fun, you should Google the original Jean-Claude Van Damme costume for the movie. You are welcome.) That visual also has kept the character alive both on-screen and in the comics.


Predator-art-195x300 Collecting Predator #1For decades, Dark Horse had published numerous Predator titles. The comics did a much better job of not only honoring the original movie but expanding the mythology in a way that the film sequels have yet to touch.

The latest news is that Marvel Comics has claimed the publishing rights for Predator, and the company is in the works to reboot the franchise. This is going to have large aftershocks in the collecting world. Look to Conan the Barbarian for evidence. It was last year that Marvel bought the rights to the character, and those classic issues suddenly became more collectible.



Predator-1-194x300 Collecting Predator #1PREDATOR #1

In 1989, the Predator made his comic debut. You will notice the city backdrop on the beautiful cover, which coincides with the 1990’s Predator 2 (which is the last decent Predator movie and should have been the last of the franchise).

At 9.8, this issue is earning impressive figures. Over the past four sales, this grade has not sold for lower than $401, and the most recent purchase was for $570 on July 7. In fact, it is averaging nearly $400 over the past 90 days.

The other high grades are doing well in their own rights. The 9.6 has a three-month average of $112, and it has not sold for less than $90 in July. On July 4, one reached as high as $175.

The 9.4 is edging into the $100 territory. A year ago, it averaged $62, but the 90-day fair market value has risen to $96.

The lowest grade that has sold in the past three months has been the 8.0, and even it has sold for $75.


I love my 1980s sci-fi classics, and I am not done with the Predator just yet. If you are looking for your Aliens versus Predator fix, keep checking the blog.


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Apollo34 August 6, 2020 - 8:05 pm

Why do you think Aliens 1 us selling for so much more? Is it popularity, black cover or something else? I think Predator has more upside in the comic universe. They could be Introduced like Conan, Marvel already has the Brood in the comic universe.

Matt Tuck August 7, 2020 - 10:07 am

I think it’s because Aliens, in my humble opinion, is a more successful franchise. Neither Aliens nor Predator are what they used to be, but Prometheus and Covenant, for all their flaws, are still head and shoulders above the last Predator movie. It keeps the Aliens franchise in the mainstream consciousness while The Predator makes people want to forget.


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