DC Superheroes Auction at Heritage: Comic Auctions 7/27

by Sarah Thomas

072721B-300x157 DC Superheroes Auction at Heritage: Comic Auctions 7/27This week, we saw more auction results from The Promise Collection with a 9.6 Action Comics #80 selling for $52,800.  Heritage’s DC Superheroes Auction is on its way, and we’re almost to the close of the Pulp Auction at ComicConnect. Here’s the latest in Comic Auctions!

Comic Auctions: Results

2021-07-27-1-300x284 DC Superheroes Auction at Heritage: Comic Auctions 7/27

X-Men #1 Sales Data – GoCollect

2021 July 25-26 Comic Books Select Auction #122130 Closes: 

Heritage’s latest auction closed yesterday, giving us another round of top sellers to analyze. The top three highest earners were a 9.8 Giant-Size X-Men #1 (Marvel, 1975) CGC NM/MT with off-white to white pages, which brought in $49,200.  This was significantly less than the last blue-label 9.8 GSX-M #1 to hit auction at Heritage, which sold for $72,000 on June 19 of this year.

The second-highest earner was a near-mint CGC-graded 9.4 The Incredible Hulk #181 with off-white pages. This book sold for $18,600, tying the most recent sold price exactly.  (July 5, 2021.)

Third place was claimed by a 2.5 CGC-graded X-Men #1 #1 GD+ with cream to off-white pages, which sold for $13,560. This book does not seem to be sliding, with strong sale numbers and a definite positive trend for that grade. Dive deeper into the data HERE.

Check out all the results!

The Promise Collection Continues to Auction at Heritage :

Pieces from the much-heralded Promise Collection continue to make appearances through Heritage Auctions, with a larger collection expected to hit the block in September.

lf-19-e1627409128928-198x300 DC Superheroes Auction at Heritage: Comic Auctions 7/27CGC NM+ 9.6 Action Comics #80 (The Promise Collection Pedigree) DC, 1945 with white pages recently sold for $52,800. This first cover appearance and second appearance ever of the devious imp, Mr. Mxyztplk, is tied with the one other book as the highest-graded copy of this book on the census.

The highest-graded CGC copy of Action Comics #79 (The Promise Collection Pedigree) DC, 1944 NM+ 9.6 with white pages sold for $32,400 in the same auction.  Standing alone in such high grade, this was a first-of-its-kind sale. The next-closest grade to come up for sale was an 8.5 back in February 2018, selling for $2,629 on Heritage.

Current & Upcoming Auctions

Heritage’s Certified DC Comics Superhero Titles Auction:

This auction still has 9 days to go and a lot of room to grow in that amount of time. Living up to its name, this auction features classic keys from a variety of well-known DC superheroes.

Worth watching; a 9.8 Batman #185 CGC NM/MT with white pages. This is the single highest-graded copy of the issue also known as 80 Page Giant G-27.  Currently, the estimated FMV of a 9.8 sits at $5,500. With a current high bid of $3,700 at Heritage, either the bidding will pop or someone will get a real steal. Learn more about the recent sales of this book HERE. lf-15-e1627349616952-199x300 DC Superheroes Auction at Heritage: Comic Auctions 7/27

Also worth keeping an eye on; a 9.8 Showcase #75 CGC NM/MT with off-white to white pages. It’s also the first appearance of the duo Hawk and Dove. This copy is tied with the highest-graded and hasn’t been sold since 2019, so it’s easy to expect this one to climb higher. At the time of this writing, it’s nearly tied with its latest sales price, ($3,850, 10/16/19) with a $3,600 high bid. How high do you think it’ll go before this one wraps up? Click HERE for more sales data on this book.

Summer Featured Auction at ComicLink:

ComicLink has announced its upcoming auction, which features comic books and original artwork and is currently accepting consignments.  This auction will showcase Golden Age Comics (1930s-1956), key and high-grade Silver & Bronze Age Comics (1956-1979),  Copper/Moderns (1980-present), as well as comic book and fantasy-related original artwork rendered by some of the most beloved creators within the field. This auction begins on August 12 and September 16th. Read more HERE.

wei20.456-211x300 DC Superheroes Auction at Heritage: Comic Auctions 7/27ComicConnect’s Amazing Pulp Auction:

Bidding opened for over 2,000 items on Monday and closes until August 03, 2021 – August 05, 2021. This auction contains amazingly well-preserved Pulp Fiction novels, several graded 8.0. Collectors have the chance to bid on a large selection of Magazine of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Amazing Stories Quarterly, Astounding Science Fiction, Doc Savage, and many more. Check out the auction HERE.

ComicLink’s July Focused Auction: Comic Books & Original Artwork:

Currently open, ComicLink’s July auction offers CGC and CBCS-certified comic books, as well as artwork from the comic book, fantasy, illustration, and animation genres. Session 3, labeled the CGC/CBCS Graded Late Bronze, Copper and Modern Age Comic Books (post-1975), features some (currently) affordable finds and closes 8/2-8/6. Check it out HERE.

That’ll do it for this week’s coverage of comic auctions! Upgrade to Premium and know exactly when to bid. Happy collecting!

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