Zombie-Fy Yourself At The BOOM! Booth With John Wrightson

by Jeff

July 15th, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – Run, don’t shamble! Renowned monster makeup artist John Wrightson will turn you into a zombie at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con without all the unpleasantness of eating your flesh! Every fan that buys a BOOM! Studios Zombie t-shirt ($20) at the BOOM! booth (#2543) will get a chance to have Wrightson transform them into a shambling mockery of humanity!

“It’s the perfect plan! People will be paying us to turn them into mindless drones who will follow my every whim!” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid. “Soon, the world will be mine! Don’t quote me.”

BOOM! t-shirts, featuring ZOMBIE TALES #3 cover art by Shane Oakley will be on sale at the BOOM! Studios booth while supplies last!

Boom_T-Shirt_front Zombie-Fy Yourself At The BOOM! Booth With John WrightsonBoom_T-Shirt_back Zombie-Fy Yourself At The BOOM! Booth With John Wrightson

Having worked for such prestigious effects companies as Stan Winston Studios and Tatopoulos Design Studios, Wrightson got his start with makeup effects and monster design when he was a child and has been working professionally in the makeup effects industry for the past three years. Skyrocketing to the top of his field, Wrightson has become the “go-to guy” for everything from sculpting, painting, prop-making, makeup application and creature performance.

Wrightson’s most recent film credits include work on the highly anticipated TERMINATOR 4, RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and BEDTIME STORIES, all due out next year!

And yes, you guessed right! John Wrightson is the son of famed horror artist Bernie Wrightson. Horror runs in the blood!

Wrightson_in_Make_up Zombie-Fy Yourself At The BOOM! Booth With John Wrightson

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