ZeroClix? Topps Announces The Closing Of WizKids

by Jeff
wizkids ZeroClix? Topps Announces The Closing Of WizKids

In an announcement sure to sadden CMG players everywhere, the Topps Company announced today that it will be closing WizKids. Additionally, all WizKids product lines will be temporarily discontinued. I, for one, very much hope that this hiatus will be short lived.

WizKids while perhaps best known for HeroClix, has a long string of great CMG (Collectible Miniatures Game) and CSG (Constructible Strategy Game) titles to its credit. Mage Knight and Pirates of the Spanish Main perhaps being the most immediately recognizable.

Topps CEO Scott Silverstein stated, “This was an extremely difficult decision. But in light of the current economic conditions, we feel it is necessary to align our gaming initiatives more closely with Topps current sports and entertainment offerings which are already being developed within our New York office.”

WizKids is based in Seattle, Washington.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes turned to future developments in this area, and offer our thanks and best wishes to the folks at WizKids for years of great gaming entertainment.

Written by Andrew@TFAW

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