Zenescope turns WONDERLAND into a board game

by Jeff

APR121345 Zenescope turns WONDERLAND into a board gameMedia Release — Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to release a board game based on its Wonderland series. The gameplay was designed by Matthew Wang and Brian David-Marshall, the team who worked on The Walking Dead board game (based on the comic book) and the award-winning Twilight board games (based on the movies). Art/graphic design was handled by Zenescope’s in-house graphic designer, Christopher Cote. The game is planned for a late summer 2012 release. The Wonderland comic book series was created by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Raven Gregory and is one of the company’s most popular series.

Now fans can experience Wonderland in a way no one has ever experienced before as the Wonderland series comes to life in this exciting, strategy filled game. Experience a vibrant, twisted world, full of surprises! Players can choose to play as one of their favorite characters including Calie, the Mad Hatter, Brandon, the Queen of Hearts, the White Knight and a number of others.

The board game features two separate realms, Earth and Wonderland. The realms are artfully depicted on the double-sided board and switching between them adds a unique twist and an added level of complexity to the game that few other board games offer. Players compete against each other, each player trying to complete goals specific goals while the other players try to foil their attempts at progressing.

“Fans of the comic series and anything Wonderland related are going to love this game. We’re so happy that we were able to expand on our Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales universe and branch out into the world of board games at the same time,” states Zenescope president Joe Brusha. “Zenescope and To Be Continued have designed a very unique and fun game that will not only appeal to Wonderland fans but also to anyone who loves board games.”

The Wonderland Board Game will be available for pre-order through the April Diamond Previews and Alliance Game Trade Magazine. Go to Zenescope’s website at www.zenescope.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/Zenescope for more information.

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