Zenescope to publish Brian Evan’s Horrorscope

by Jeff

brian-evans Zenescope to publish Brian Evan's HorrorscopeMedia Release — A psychic with the power to bring to life the signs of The Zodiac.

It is a story that it’s hard to believe has never been written in the day and age of Harry Potter films, but Zenescope Entertainment will create and distribute a comic book series entitled “Horrorscope” to debut in 2010.

Represented by William Morris Endeavor, Zenescope also intends that the story, written by Brian Evans, will find its way to the video game, motion picture, and toy market.

“The story came to me when I was a kid, hanging out with my friend Ahmet Zappa in Frank’s (Zappa) studio when we were kids,” says Evans.

The comic book is being written by Andrew Biltz, Alberto Melendez, Helen Bousquet, and Priscilla Boksan. “Others will also be working on this tremendous project,” says Evans. “It’s been 17 years in the making.”

Zenescope, the comic book force behind the “Seven” and “Final Destination” series, is known for its more diverse comic offerings. “They aren’t making Disney comics,” says Evans. “They are the best at what they do because they are no-holds barred and they have real vision.”

The Daily Variety reported on the story recently (http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118009988.html?categoryid=1350&cs=1), which has followed an onslaught of interest all over the world. Fangoria also featured the news in its publication online, and it’s becoming the most anticipated comic book in recent memory.

“I think “Horrorscope” is going to become something much bigger than we ever imagined,” says Evans.

Evans is a singer, who himself is recording his major label debut which will feature a duet with Kelly Osbourne. Evans is known as one of the “new crooners” in the style of Frank Sinatra, and is the opening act for stars ranging from Jay Leno to Joan Rivers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit http://www.zenescope.com/news.htm. For information about creator Brian Evans, visit www.brianevans.com.

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