Zenescope Lowers Price On Queen Of Hearts One-Shot

by Jeff

Zenescope Entertainment originally planned to release all three of their TALES FROM WONDERLAND One-Shots at a $3.99 cover price due to the additional pages of story included in each issue but last minute decided to keep a $2.99 price for the Queen of Hearts story which hits stores next Wednesday. “We had meant to let retailers know ahead of time about the higher cover price for the one-shots in case they didn’t notice the price increase when placing their orders but realized that we didn’t get the information out in time. Instead we decided to keep this first issue at $2.99 to avoid any confusion.” said Zenescope President Joe Brusha. “We take pride in the relationship we have with retailers and consumers and we want to make sure they’re kept in the loop as much as possible.”

TALES FROM WONDERLAND is a disturbing and insightful series of one-shots which follow the back-stories of three main characters from Zenescope’s popular RETURN TO WONDERLAND. The much anticipated sequel to the Return series, entitled BEYOND WONDERLAND, is due out this summer. The remaining Tales one-shots (Mad Hatter and Alice) will be listed at $3.99 each and will include additional pages of story.

queenofhearts.oneshot Zenescope Lowers Price On Queen Of Hearts One-Shot
Tales From Wonderland Queen Of Hearts #1

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