Zenescope Entertainment Expands Product Line

by Jeff

Fans of Zenescope’s dark and provocative fairy tale and Wonderland artwork are in for a treat as Zenescope unveils its line of silk screen printed designer t-shirts and custom skins. Zenescope will also be adding mugs, glassware and wall decals early in 2009 as they continue to expand their line of products. “The Zenescope brand is becoming more and more well-known even for those who might not read our comics, or any comics for that matter, very consistently.” says Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco. “But we’re known as that company who puts dark, twisted and sexy spins on fairy tales and classic stories.

merchandise Zenescope Entertainment Expands Product Line

The great thing is these are powerful, eye-popping images and designs that absolutely have universal appeal and we’re finding that there’s a real appetite for them. It all started with our comics; after a rather short time we found that readers were intrigued by these iconic images of familiar characters seen in an entirely new light. Re-imagining Alice as a grown woman in a nightmare version of Wonderland is pretty damn cool in my opinion. Re-creating Red Riding Hood as an ax-wielding heroine and the big bad wolf as a bigger and badder werewolf makes for some intense imagery. So we’re just having fun creating this stuff and are glad that people are responding so well to it.”

You can check out Zenescope’s line of dark fairy tale items at www.zenescope.com and in their online store at www.zenescope.com/sunshop/. New products will also be made available to retailers through Diamond Distribution or by contacting Zenescope directly at info@zenescope.com.

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