ZED Finds New Distributor

by Jeff

Michael Gagne has announced Haven Distributors will now distribute his comic book ZED.

Last July, I announced that Diamond had decided to no longer distribute my series ZED to comics retailers due to pre-orders falling below the 1500 copies minimum. This left me with no outlet to get ZED into stores. Since then, I’ve managed to strike a new distribution deal in order to make my cute sci-fi series available to retailers once again.

I’m happy to report that Haven Distributors, previously known as Cold Cut Distribution, a company that specializes in making independent comics available to comics store retailers, have added ZED, as well as all my other books, to their catalog.

I’m inviting retailers to take a look at the broad spectrum of indie titles Haven Distributors are offering. Diamond is fine for mainstream comics but can be ruthless for independents. We need alternative distribution for the indie scene and Haven can hopefully help fill that gap.

  c2b-foot ZED Finds New Distributor

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