Zack Snyder…Investing in Movie Rumors….and Darkseid!!!!

by Joseph Overaitis

113489_4db0b02c9e22c2f0a9c3f67030043a0b0da4e87f-206x300 Zack Snyder...Investing in Movie Rumors....and Darkseid!!!!

As a young teen, I used to dream of living in the world of my childhood heroes and be a part of their adventures.  As an adult, this dream became a reality. The lessons I learned can help you invest in books by differentiating rumor from actual news.


I was cast in a major comic movie.  One day I got to run next to Ben Affleck then talk with him as he rested against my car.    The next day I was in a fake rain shower close to Amy Adams. I had to pinch myself because  I was working on the crew making Batman v. Superman.  I did not think it could get any better.  Boy was I wrong!


774773_a12a7b49e577f662276f00574eed37828f61b178-196x300 Zack Snyder...Investing in Movie Rumors....and Darkseid!!!!


Zack Snyder cares for his family, film crew, and the moviegoer.  As a director, nothing escapes his notice, but he is also a master planner.  For two days the crew shot scenes with a car that never appeared in the final cut and yet “unnamed” sources were reporting all kinds of “news” on who this character was in the film. Investors lost money believing these rumors were really facts.

One day I found myself in the same portable bathroom truck with Zack Snyder as he was talking with his production staff on future scenes.  A crew member approached me and reminded me of my signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  The next day I  ended up in paparazzi photos and reports of what the scenes contained from “unnamed” sources that never happened on the set that day. That did not stop investors from following these leads.

Then there were all the plot twists that are not for the screen but intended for everyone working on the set to keep even us in the dark.  SPOILER ALERT- In the opening scene of the movie where Bruce Wayne is running through the city as Superman and Zod battle, the actors were told by a crew member to look up because a spaceship was shooting lasers.  A few minutes later another crew member came and told us it was really going to be a giant monkey attacking the Planet building that would be added in post.

113871_d725bdc8006937e08230aa42b3923fc4ac4c8044-203x300 Zack Snyder...Investing in Movie Rumors....and Darkseid!!!!

The next day Titano was whispered as a “confirmed” plot detail.  It is that degree of control and attention to detail that makes me question all the “news” and “facts”  I hear about other films that could impact my investing.



No one associated with a film production wants to be the person to release information because you can lose your career.  We all know there is always an exception to any rule.  The first day I was on set Zack Snyder actually called in to a local sports radio as a local caller with his thoughts on why Aquaman was more than just a fish guy (the show actually had to verify he was THE Zack Snyder).  He leaked  Aquaman was in the film just as his production team let it leak that Wonder Woman would also be featured. Snyder controlled the release of true stories and fake information to confuse the public.  Many comic investors never separated the two and lost money.



Zack Snyder recently released some more news to his fans.   His epic vision of Justice League-the Snyder Cut will be released to HBO Max.  Ever the family man, Zack Snyder left the original version to mourn the tragic death of his daughter Autumn Snyder.  The first thing we know about his version is Darkseid is in the film. I believe that  Darkseid will be hot and you can not go wrong investing now in his first appearances in Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #134, #135, or his first full appearance in Forever People #1.

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Again remember this information was not leaked by an “unnamed” source.  Darkseid will be a player in the future and you should buy now rather than have regrets later when prices increase even more on these books.



I learned never to trust movie rumors reported on by “unnamed” sources because they are rarely true.  Millions of dollars are invested in these films and directors like Zack Snyder are magicians. Fake “rumors” will be leaked to preserve plot details.  Instead of investing in rumors you should research the internet for solid facts and trust your gut.   Remember the rumors you follow may lead you off a cliff rather than to a pot of gold.

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