Your D23 Key Issue Shopping List

by Matt Tuck

Now that D23 has wrapped up, comic collectors are scrambling for the key issues for all the upcoming Disney+ series. Here’s your shopping list.

At D23, Marvel Studios gave us a slate of new announcements for us to drool over. That’s going to drive a new wave of buying for the key issues connected to those titles. We already knew about several series after San Diego Comic-Con, and if you need more info on those, check out “The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel’s SDCC Announcements.” This post is devoted to the news that was only made official at D23.

Werewolf-by-Night-32-page-1-1-212x300 Your D23 Key Issue Shopping ListWEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32

The news that’s been years in the making, D23’s biggest announcement was that Moonknight would finally be coming to the MCU in his own Disney+ series. Will it have the violence and maturity of the Netflix Daredevil series or will it be watered down for a more family-friendly atmosphere? We will see, but at least Marvel’s version of Batman is getting the live-action treatment.

His first appearance has been expensive for years due to Werewolf by Night #32 being the premiere of a popular character and the issue having a relatively low print run. Now that Moonknight has his own show, this comic will be even harder to come by. If you don’t already have one, you likely aren’t getting one without paying the cliche arm and a leg…maybe even an eyeball or two.


132194_8ba7b9e101ff55111bfe33ea2b4b7cc349ed26b2-1-196x300 Your D23 Key Issue Shopping ListSAVAGE SHE-HULK #1

This was the worst-kept secret at Disney. Since the company made its first announcements about its original content for Disney+, the rumors have abounded that She-Hulk would be getting her own show. Now that Disney has made the series official, this hot comic will get even hotter.

The bigger picture here is that the She-Hulk series could introduce a range of other gamma-powered characters. I’ve been predicting for months that Red Hulk and Amadeus Cho will be coming to the MCU, and this could be the opening to bring them (and possibly A-Bomb, Doc Samson, and even Red She-Hulk) into the fold.



All-New-Marvel-Now-Point-One-197x300 Your D23 Key Issue Shopping ListALL NEW MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE #1

A hot comic that will only get hotter, Marvel Now! Point One #1 features the debut of the current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. Since Carol Danvers was brought to the MCU, fans have been waiting for Ms. Marvel to follow. With D23 in the books, we know that she will have her own Disney+ show, and she’ll be included on the big screen as well. It won’t be long before this comic is outselling Danvers’ key issues.





Devil-Dinosaur-1-195x300 Your D23 Key Issue Shopping ListDEVIL DINOSAUR #1 and MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #1

For months, we knew an animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series was coming to Disney+, and this just made it official. Devil Dinosaur made his debut in 1978’s Devil Dinosaur #1, while Lunella Lafayette came along in 2016’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1. Both issues will pick up steam in the coming weeks, but I’m leaning toward Jack Kirby’s 1978 creation being the more popular of the two.





Captain-America-323-193x300 Your D23 Key Issue Shopping ListCAPTAIN AMERICA #323

Another announcement from D23 that didn’t come as any surprise, it was officially revealed that U.S. Agent/John Walker will be appearing in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A couple weeks ago, I advised picking up his first appearance in Cap #323, and now it will become a seller’s market for this issue. Get moving quickly if you don’t want to pay inflated prices.

For more on the John Walker/U.S. Agent keys, read “Speculation Game: Captain America #323.”











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