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by Jeff

Official Press Release

Toronto, 2007 — With Scorn nearing the release of its second issue and still attracting rave reviews, Septagon Studios is quite proud of its debut title and its tale of unique revenge.

Written by Kevin Moyers with art by Philipp Neundorf, Scorn has received increasing critical acclaim following the release of Scorn #1. Between its release date and the present day, Scorn has been attracting reviews that will be treasured in the company’s history books. Written and created by Kevin Moyers, with illustrations provided by Philipp Neundorf, Scorn is the story of 19-year-old Michael Riggs, who witnesses the murder of his best friend at the hands of notorious gang leader Robert Torres. Michael becomes obsessed, and nothing can stop him on his vicious and bloody rampage of vigilante justice. As Kevin Moyers was born and raised in Chicago, the miniseries uses Chicago’s Windy City locations as its backdrop. Philipp S. Neundorf lives and works as an artist in Berlin, Germany. His most recent previously published work can be found in Image’s comic Runes of Ragnan #4.

With powerful illustrations provided by Philipp Neundorf and the fine design of Philip Defina (Septagon Art Director/V.P), each issue of Scorn is carefully crafted to be a unique comic experience. Scorn is printed on 100 Lb interior gloss, rarely used in comic books. This choice, made for quality’s sake, ensures that the printed reproduction of Scorn as an artwork can be appreciated as completely as possible.

“Having followed Septagon Studios’ production of this series since its initial announcement . . . I was admittedly concerned that, with so much time having passed between that first hype session and the actual release, Scorn might have too much to live up to. I was wrong, and the book is quite a solid piece of work on the part of all involved. Kevin Moyers is telling the oft-used classic revenge tale with an urban, action flick style and a fresh, ambitious voice. This is a project he’s had in his head for years and it shows, as he seems very much at home within the material. This is complimented by Philipp Neundorf’s unique art style . . .”

Judging by the reaction from a recent polling of comic book creators, Septagon Studios is far from alone in being pleased with the series so far:

“Scorn is the kind of book that sneaks up on you. At first you notice the art, very kinetic in quality — full of jagged lines, but also a measure of grace. Then you get hooked on the story. The levels of mystery in issue 1 alone could fill up a season of LOST. Moyers and Neundorf are a team to look out for.”

–Christian Beranek (Co-creator, Silent Devil’s Dracula vs. King Arthur and Venice is Sinking)

“If you’re looking for a dark, gritty tale of revenge, don’t SCORN this one.”
–Dwight L. MacPherson (writer, HACK/slash)

For a first offering (from newcomers Septagon Studios), Scorn is certainly a gorgeous book, with art on par with the best from IDW – a Ben Templesmith or Ashley Wood – and a story as classic as it is uniquely handled. It’s a title that offers borderline-mainstream excess[,] yet with a non-genre flair all its own. Writer Kevin Moyers keeps the scripting sparse, allows the story to progress with a slow and smooth legato slide [from] scene to scene . . . The fully painted art by Philipp Neundorf is . . . gorgeous, a blend of John J. Muth smears and Templesmith- esque etchings. . . . The plot thickens as the first issue comes to a close, offering up plenty of reasons to return for the rest. Septagon has pledged to offer the comics community a wide variety of genres and titles, never pigeonholing themselves to anything predictable. Scorn is definitely a surprise, and a good one at that. Fans of comic books – period, whatever the kind – should find plenty to like here.

–Dave Baxter,

Scorn #1 offers an evocative twist on the traditional revenge tale. While the story appears straight-forward — young man seeks to avenge the death of a loved one — in its the execution, Scorn is anything but cliched. The art is wistful and surreal yet, at the same time, primal and urgent. You taste the blood in your mouth as you feel the earth disappear from beneath your feet. It washes over you like a troubled, sepia-colored dream. A very promising debut.

Brian Holguin, (Writer Spawn: Godslayer)

“A violent revenge tale illustrated with emotive sepia-toned expressionist art, the likes of which are rarely seen in comics nowadays. Neundorf’s fine art techniques and understanding of dynamic comic book storytelling are employed here with beautiful results as he skilfully extracts the tone, spirit, and intent of the story and burns it straight onto the page. Not content with merely recreating sequential TV-style images on paper, Neundorf combines subtle abstract patterns with noirish angles to heavily coat the script in a gritty, chaotic atmosphere; a territory somewhere between Templesmith, McKean, and J. O’Barr. This is how the comic book format should be utilized more often. This kind of ingenuity is what a cutting edge medium like comics should be all about.”

Dan Schaffer (Creator Dogwitch, Indigo Vertigo and Scribbler)

Septagon Studios’ new Editor-in-Chief Park Cooper has written, “With its often-cinematic art and character-driven storytelling, Scorn offers a sharp rebuttal to any critics who may feel that indie comics can’t do high-quality action comics.”

“Scorn epitomizes what independent publishing is all about . . . [I]it’s driven and passionate…”
Gary Reed (writer, BAKER STREET)

“Everyone on the Scorn and Septagon Studios team is doing the work of their careers on this book, from Kevin Moyers and Philipp Neundorf to our great E.I.C. Park Cooper and Septagon Studios Management,” said Septagon’s President Nicola Defina.

SCORN 1: OBSESSED and SCORN 2: RAGE is now available for order in a number of ways:
–Scorn 1 and 2 can be ordered directly from the Septagon Studios Web site
–Retailers can also e-mail for bulk, discounted orders and retailer incentives
–Scorn 1 is also available through Amazon:
–Scorn 2 is also available through Amazon:
–When ordering from Baker & Taylor, customers should use either the ISBN or title. The ISBN numbers for the books are:

Scorn #1
ISBN-10: 097396670X
ISBN-13: 978-0973966701

Scorn #2
ISBN-13: 978-0973966718
ISBN-10: 0973966718

For more information on Septagon Studios, visit our Web site at …where imagination and creativity are unleashed.

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