You’ll love eating Worm Cheese in Indie Comics HORROR #1

by Jeff

indie-comics-horror-1 You'll love eating Worm Cheese in Indie Comics HORROR #1Media Release — When a shadowy customer makes a strange request, especially in a horror magazine, walk away. Quickly!

Worm Cheese appears in Indie Comics HORROR #1, in September’s Previews, Diamond’s comic book preorder catalog, under Aazurn Publishing.

“We couldn’t offer the first issue of a horror magazine without an ultimate gross-out story,” said Aazurn Publishing Publisher/Editor Gary Scott Beatty. “Writers Terry Cronin and Pat Martin (Students of the Unusual) are the perfect choice!

Cronin is also the author of The Skinvestigator novels featuring dermatologist detective Harry Poe, available at B&N and Amazon. Martin, noted raconteur and bon vivant, is director of the horror film “Milk Maids” and co-author of the WhatArePatandBillyDrinking cocktail blog.

Worm Cheese pairs them with Joel Rivers, the Xeric-awarded creator of the western horror graphic novel “Along The Canadian” who works as a freelance illustrator and with his brothers-in-arms at the full concept house, Out For Justice, at

Terry joined forces with Pat Martin, Jeff Hall and Bob Lizek to create 3 Boys Productions, responsible for the annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival. The team is now producing Adventure Chefs, a reality show where contestants hunt, forage and gather food to prepare fine dining for judges.

“One of Terry’s talents is finding new, talented illustrators to work with,” said Beatty. “Joel Rivers’ expressions really push the story forward with humor and I love his chaotic panels borders. You can almost smell the rankness of the cheese.”

Six complete stories of dread shamble through Indie Comics HORROR #1, the best fear from independent comic book creators. Said Beatty, “We like complete stories, well told!”

Information about creators and a video preview of Indie Comics HORROR #1, with music by the appropriately indie Chantron, is online at

With no huge overprint, no digital version and no back issue sales, Indie Comics HORROR #1 is available ONLY at your local and online comic book shops. It is best to preorder from September’s Previews, said Beatty. Some Indie Comics Magazine issues, like last year’s Christmas issue, are now hard to find.

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