You can be a Superhero Idol in an issue of IDOLIZED

by Jeff

IDOLIZED-AspenComics You can be a Superhero Idol in an issue of IDOLIZEDMedia Release — First, Aspen Comics offered you the chance to vote on what the characters in their upcoming series “IDOLIZED” would look like. Now, they’re offering you the chance to actually appear as a character in the series.

“IDOLIZED” is Aspen’s first-ever superhero series. It tells the story of girl with super-powers and a dark past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in a televised super-hero competition show. Essentially, it’s “True Grit” meets “American Idol”…with capes.

Now, you can be drawn into an issue of IDOLIZED as one of the superheroes auditioning to win the coveted title of “Superhero Idol”.

Simply tell Aspen what super-powers you would have if you were a superhero, and why. Your entry can be purely text, or can include drawings and/or photos of yourself as the super-hero you’d dream of being. You can enter any time between now and February 13, simply by posting your submission on and/or tweeting it with the hash-tag “#Idolized” in your tweet. There’s no limit on the number of entries you can make.

Aspen will choose their five favorite entries, and the fans will then have the chance to vote among those five finalists to choose the ultimate winner. That winner will be drawn into issue #2 of IDOLIZED, and their name and likeness will appear in multiple panels as they join in a large-scale superhero battle.

And, as if actually being a superhero in a comic book wasn’t enough, the winner will also receive a page of original art that they appear in, and all five of the finalists will receive copies of each issue of IDOLIZED, signed by series writer David B. Schwartz and series artist Micah Gunnell.

“Given the subject matter of IDOLIZED, having a contest like this, and allowing our fans to really interact with and be a part of the series, seemed like a no-brainer,” said Aspen President Frank Mastromauro. “And, after all, who wouldn’t want to be a super-hero?”

“IDOLIZED is shaping up to be an absolutely mind-blowingly amazing book,” added Aspen Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez. “The story is a blast, the artwork that Micah’s turning in is some of the best art I’ve ever seen, and I think that whoever ends up winning is going to be incredibly proud to have been a part of this series.”

The full rules for the contest are available at in the IDOLIZED section.

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