X-Men Legacy #219 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle X-Men Legacy #219 REVIEW

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X-Men Legacy #219
Marvel Comics
Carey, Briones, Smith & Reber

This issue is a one in done story about Xavier confronting his step brother, Cain aka Juggernaut. The story makes good use of the long history between the two characters, but the driver behind the confrontation isn’t completely clear. In previous installments in this series Xavier has been after something when he went digging into someone’s head. It appears this issue he just wants to see how easy it would be to reform Juggernaut. From that perspective the issue is a disappointment, but the execution of what is presented is fairly good.

OCT082463D X-Men Legacy #219 REVIEW

The issue begins with Xavier walking into a bar (sounds like a bad joke) and find Juggernaut drinking beer and holding the locals hostage. Xavier pleads to let the people go while Juggernaut decides to get really nasty. Then he calms down and the two have a discussion.

Basically Juggernaut humors Xavier while he decides whether or not to kill him. The two go back and forth reminiscing about their past together. Xavier feels it was his fault Juggernaut found the path he is on while Juggernaut is sure he decided to take the dark path himself. This goes on for a few pages and the depth of the history is enjoyable in the manner it’s presented.

The ending provides a bit of a twist but it also provides a lackluster explanation. Juggernaut kept asking Xavier why he wanted to get in his head so bad and the answer we receive is basically just so that Xavier could test him. In this regard it seems the arc could have had a second issue to add more meat to this story and Xavier’s purpose.

However, the issue does succeed in establishing that Xavier and Juggernaut have nothing left between them at this point. It would be hard for Xavier to take a tour of people in his life and not visit his step-brother in some way and anything more than one issue would probably be too much of a stretch. So from that angle I can understand why the story was presented this way.

The art has some great shots of Juggernaut and makes some interesting use of symbolism. For example, in the opening pages when the shot of the demolished bar is shown there is an untouched trash can in the forefront. It’s a nice touch in a subtle way. Juggernaut is also depicted very well, even when his helmet is off. It’s hard to picture him in civilian clothes and I think the art team did that very well.

A good comic, but not great. If you like Juggernaut and some old history then you will like this issue a lot. However, if you are looking for Xavier to be expanded as a result of this comic I’d say you’ll be disappointed. The issue does pay great homage to the long history between the two characters which should satisfy the long time fans. This is a straightforward story with a nice twist at the end to make it worth your while.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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