X-Men #9, X-Men #35, X-Men #100

by James Jou

117774_ba9a86953829b80f7f8ffa534dcbdeea5c76816e-201x300 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100At the moment, X-Men comics appear to be on the rise. Instead of stoking the old rumor mill and guessing at which X-Men members will appear in the next live-action movie, here we will be focusing on a different subset of X-Men comics; specifically, a few issues centered on the theme of the X-Men fighting other heroes.



X-MEN #9 (1965)

In this issue, Professor X calls on the X-Men to help fight against Lucifer, who has a deadman’s switch connected to his heartbeat. Unfortunately, Lucifer also attracts the attention of Thor and the other Avengers. Thor wants to destroy the evil, but the X-Men fight to stop them; and doing so, gives Professor X time to come up with a solution.

xvs_1a-300x181 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100 xvs_2b-300x181 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100

Overall, sales prices were on a flat to very slight positive trend for the five years preceding 2018; at which point it dramatically shifted to a higher rate of growth. It appears that most of the upward pressure is due to speculation that the X-Men will appear on the silver screen alongside the Avengers. To this end, it’s worth noting that the key members of the Avengers team present in this issue include Captain America and Iron Man, who have since taken a back seat, if at all, in the MCU. Until the proverbial Schrodinger’s cat of the X-Men cinematic future is determined, there doesn’t appear to be any catalysts to the negative side. All in all, the relatively recent run-up in light of the prior years of slightly positive growth make the book a cautious add.



119861_6cb1d28a0e63f6e1e4ee55b062773e2c44fef660-201x300 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100X-MEN #35 (1967)

On a mission to find Secret Three’s base, Banshee is surprise attacked by robot spiders. In desperation, he is able to get a last second message to the X-Men; unfortunately, it ends up being an incomplete warning about spiders. When Spider-Man investigates the Factor Three, he is met with the X-Men who also arrive to the scene, but misconstrue him as a villain. Sales for CGC 9.0 and 7.5 graded copies of X-Men #35 are shown below; these represent the top 20.9% and 52.4%.



xvs_3c-300x181 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100 xvs_4d-300x180 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100

Relative to the books examined above and below, the volume of sales for X-Men #35 has been lower in the similar timeframes examined. From 2013 to present, the overall sales price trend is flat with a moderate increase in price volatility. In early 2015, when Spider-Man was reported to be included in Captain America: Civil War, X-Men #35 experienced a short term spike; but then quickly returned to prior levels and continued flat sales. Recent developments related to Spider-Man appear to indicate that he indeed will be remaining in the MCU; this could potentially add positive sentiment going forward, but it would be necessary to weigh it against the low volume and rate of growth.



652716_x-men-100-195x300 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100X-MEN #100 (1976)

Someone once said that the greatest battle is with yourself; to that effect, this issue pits the old X-Men team against the new X-Men team. After a fierce and confusing fight, the X-Men eventually discover that the old X-Men is really Sentinels created by Steven Lang. Below is the sales data for X-Men #100, graded in CGC 9.6 and 9.0; which represent the top 12.8% and 51.2% of the census.

xvs_5e-300x181 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100 xvs_6f-300x180 X-Men #9,  X-Men #35,  X-Men #100

Since 2013, sales prices for X-Men #100 have been on a slow and steady increase. Due primarily to the Disney-Fox deal, the volume of sales for the book noticeably increased in 2019. Despite this, the trend remained the same. Overall, although the rate of return might not be the most attractive, the consistent growth of X-Men #100’s sales prices does make it a safe place to put your money.




  • X-Men #9 (1965) – ADD
  • X-Men #35 (1967) – HOLD
  • X-Men #100 (1976) – ADD



“Then what are we waiting for? A bunch of masked teenagers can’t stop the Avengers!” – Iron Man, upon the first meeting of the Avengers and the X-Men


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