X-Keys: Bishop’s First Appearances

by Matt Tuck

Uncanny-X-men-282-page-21-201x300 X-Keys: Bishop's First AppearancesBishop has been involved in a number of X-Men theories in recent months, and the market values for his first appearances are seeing a boom because of it.


There’s a lot to speculate on when it comes to the X-Men family of characters. We have the endless debate on Wolverine’s casting and the numerous theories on how mutants will be incorporated into the MCU. That has given several characters a market bump for their first appearances.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Wolverine will be an X-Man, at least not initially. As Marvel Studios aims to redefine the team for the MCU, I think Wolverine will be the face of the New Avengers rather than the X-Men. I also don’t see Marvel going through the same motions as Fox, which leads me to believe franchise staples like Jean Grey, Cyclops, Mystique, and Beast will be left on the bench. That leaves an open roster spot for Bishop.

Apparently, I am not the only one thinking he will play a significant part in the MCU’s X-Men as the fair market values for his first two appearances are on the rise.


Uncanny-X-Men-282-194x300 X-Keys: Bishop's First AppearancesUNCANNY X-MEN #282

It’s all about that first cover appearance. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Bishop was only featured on the last page of UXM #282, but he was prominently on the cover. While it is a cameo appearance, the cover art is what makes this the most collectible Bishop comic of them all.

Cameo versus full first debate aside, this comic has been on fire. It’s been a popular issue for decades now, but the 9.8 is generating impressive sales as of late. Back in 2018, it averaged $106 over 81 sales. Over the past 12 months, it has sold 111 times and earned a fair market value of $116.

While that isn’t an impressive climb in FMV, the 90-day average sets the table. In that three-month span, it has sold 32 times for an average of $133. In fact, it hasn’t sold for less than $100 since the end of February. Three of the past four sales have been for $150 or more, and the most recent was for $185.

If you check your long boxes for a copy, you better hope it’s pristine. When this grade falls to a 9.6, the FMV drops to $48.

Uncanny-X-Men-282-second-print-197x300 X-Keys: Bishop's First AppearancesUNCANNY X-MEN #282 (Second Print)

Even the second print of UXM #282 is getting the love from collectors, but that’s almost exclusively for the 9.8 grade.

Although there have been just two sales in the past three months, it has averaged $151 in that time frame. On June 2, one sold for $149, while a June 12 sale netted $154.

This issue could keep climbing. According to the CGC census data, there are only 97 graded copies with the company. If you really want something rarer, look at the Australian copy of UXM #282. The CGC has only graded four copies of that edition.


Uncanny-X-Men-283-194x300 X-Keys: Bishop's First AppearancesUNCANNY X-MEN #283

Not to stoke the fires of the cameo versus full debate, but this is the first full issue in which we see Bishop. It marks his second overall appearance and the second time he appeared on the cover.

While it doesn’t carry the higher FMVs compared to UXM #282, it is nonetheless seeing a surge in popularity. At a 9.8, it is averaging $67. What’s more, is that one reached a record-high $110 sale on April 28. Since the end of May, it has regularly sold for close to $70. However, the last three sales have seen a steady incline from $68 on June 10 to $79 eleven days later.


As I wrote in “X-Men Characters Ripe for the MCU,” I believe Bishop will be one of the premier X-Men in the MCU. That will only add value to his early appearances, which makes this a good time to invest in higher grades of his debut comics.


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Pete July 6, 2020 - 9:41 am

You can find ungraded copies in high grade condition at a very cheap price on ebay. I was shocked to see several auctions won for less than $10.

Matt Tuck July 6, 2020 - 10:29 am

It’s definitely worth $10 just in case Bishop gets added to the MCU.


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