X-Files Special #0

by Jeff
geekgoggle X-Files Special #0

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X-Files Special #0
Wildstorm Comics (DC)
Spotnitz & Denham

With a light comic load this week I picked up an issue I had been on the fence about – X-Files. Sure, I was a fan of the show, but how does it translate into modern comic story telling? It does so excellently. This issue reads just like a classic episode from 15 years ago. It has that mix of supernatural and possible normal explanation. I loved the issue and would be on board with a series of these one-shots.

The issue opens with a young guy breaking into a house and killing an old man. Before he leaves he stumbles upon a young girl locked in the basement. The problem is that woman had been missing 20 years and hasn’t aged at all. The woman, now found dead by the police, falls under Mulder and Skully to investigate.

The issue takes you into the minds of Mulder and Skully as they try to find the truth behind the body of the woman as well as the mystery of how she died. Meanwhile, the killer is followed through the story as well, showing that he isn’t a one and done type killer.

The ending of the issue provides a satisfactory solution by Skully about how the mystery is in fact not supernatural. At the same time other events seen off camera help support Mulder’s theory of how this is most definitely an X-File.

It’s an excellent story and it is told perfectly. The mix of scenes with the killer and scenes with Mulder and Skully help the reader to stay on the edge of their seat hoping that Mulder and Skully figure stuff out quickly. Also, the story provides a great deal of mystery for the reader. Almost the whole issue I was trying to figure out the “how” of this story.

The artwork is excellent. It has a dark tone, but it does so with clear illustrations. The details for Mulder and Skully are very close to the actors from the show as well. I even liked the details given in the backgrounds, as the supermarket has a comic book stand near the checkout isle. Nice touch.

All in all this was a perfect comic for this genre. I even liked the extended page count. It helped ease the price tag, but I would think this type of comic should stay at the three dollar range and not the four dollar range, but what do I know.

I’m pleased with this one shot and I urge anyone mildly interested in this arena to pick it up. Fans of the show won’t be disappointed and I would think the mildly curious will be pleasantly surprised. This is the type of comic that could be a hit if more people knew about it and how good it really is.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

jun080285d X-Files Special #0
X-Files Special #0

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