Wowio Q2 Payment Complaints Continue

by Jeff

More reports of missing Wowio payments are surfacing on the net. The story has now been covered by the Beat and Newsarama.

But that wasn’t enough.

For Q1, we got our first significantly late payout. The money only arrived in the nick of time to help us meet some important expenses. Now, for Q2, the payout will be even later, if indeed it comes at all. If I hadn’t made another business arrangement in the interim, I’d be in real trouble. It’s my understanding that as of this writing, almost none of the publishers have been paid.

Q3’s payout is hardly relevant, because thanks to the changes made to the site in the last two months, our earnings have dropped 97.3%. I’m not going to fight over less than a hundred dollars. So all Wowio had to do was pay me for Q2 and I’d be out of their hair. Sadly, they couldn’t even manage that.

  c2b-foot Wowio Q2 Payment Complaints Continue
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SH: Q1’s lateness was all Wowio. Q2 was Wowio as well, but Platinum has said that the buyout is responsible for the delay.

SH: Yes. Originally Wowio editor Kristin Ellison said there was a long list of payees to get through and that people would be paid on a regular basis. She seems to have not been made aware of the whole story, though, as I tracked down Brian Altounian at Platinum, who blamed the delay on the transition in ownership. He said payouts would hopefully resume by week’s end.

  c2b-foot Wowio Q2 Payment Complaints Continue

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