Would You Buy a Single Page from Your “Holy Grail?”

by Matt Tuck

Action-Comics-0.3-193x300 Would You Buy a Single Page from Your "Holy Grail?"What would you pay for a single page from Superman’s 1938 debut? What about one piece of Batman #1? Let’s look at the market for detached pages from some of the landmark issues in DC Comics’ history.

Some keys’ issues are so popular that even a single detached page is worth thousands of dollars. For a select few comics, even the most mundane page from one issue is valuable. It doesn’t matter that CGC won’t give them grades, and CBCS lists them as 0.1; collectors want a piece of history, and they’ll take what they can get in certain cases.

What’s a single page worth? Let’s look at some of the holiest of holy grails to find out.

Action-Comics-1-page-4-186x300 Would You Buy a Single Page from Your "Holy Grail?"ACTION COMICS #1 (1938)

If there is any comic worthy of the title “holy grail,” it’s this one. A complete copy of the lowest grades will sell for five and six figures. For even one page from this historic issue, you can expect to pay over $1,000.

As far as single pages, typically page one is the most valuable. Two years ago, the first page of AC #1 sold for over $25k. Earlier this year, page two brought nearly $7,000, while page 27 alone was priced at $1,553.



Detective-Comics-27-single-page-189x300 Would You Buy a Single Page from Your "Holy Grail?"DETECTIVE COMICS #27 (1939)

The only comic that would come close to the historical significance of AC #1 is Batman’s first appearance in DC #27. That being said, it carries one of the highest fair market values in the business.

Since last year, the first page from DC #27 has sold twice. The first was on June 11, 2019, and it went for $9,830. Last month, another page one sold for $13,200.

Even at the lowest end of the spectrum, single pages of DC #27 are ridiculously expensive considering you are only getting a torn page. The cheapest page sold in the past year was page 21, and it brought $355 last August.


All-Star-Comics-8-page-27-184x300 Would You Buy a Single Page from Your "Holy Grail?"ALL-STAR COMICS #8 (1941)

Finishing out the “Holy Trinity” of DC Comics, Wonder Woman’s first appearance in a high grade costs more than some houses. In fact, a complete 8.0 sold for $200,000 in 2015.

Overall, All-Star #8 pages are less expensive than Superman and Batman’s first appearances. However, they aren’t necessarily cheap. The priciest one that’s sold in recent years was page 31, which traded hands for $1,350. If you don’t care what page you get, page 30 went for $103 last year.



Batman-1-page-1-186x300 Would You Buy a Single Page from Your "Holy Grail?"BATMAN #1 (1940)

I can’t have an exclusively DC article without mentioning the Joker’s first appearance. In 2013, a complete 9.2 sold for $567,625. More recently, a 4.0 brought $117,000.

Can’t afford those steep prices? Neither can I, but can we budget for a single page? For the 26th page of Batman #1, you need to save up. In January, one sold for $945, which is a bargain considering it averaged $1,280 last year.

If you want the first wrap, which means a page from the front and the back that are still bound together, get ready to spend $16k. In the market for the first page alone? You’re in luck because the most recent sale was for $881 in December. Compared to that first wrap, it’s a great deal.


I’ll follow up in the coming days with single pages from some of Marvel’s biggest keys. In the meantime, post those PG slabs in your collections.


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Walter April 26, 2020 - 3:30 pm

The first wrap of Batman 1 sold on Ebay July ’19 for $1600, not 16k according to the article

Pete April 28, 2020 - 12:15 pm

Wow, I have an early Flash comic book wothout a cover maybe i should try selling off the pages.

Mark Armstrong April 29, 2020 - 7:31 am

I’d pay a few $ for curiosity value only, but some of these prices could go to true complete keys. It’s a no from me in general.

Marwan Alkhaja April 30, 2020 - 2:17 pm

The highest ever paid for a single page of a comic book was Page 5 from Action Comics #1. It sold for $27,500 in December of 2019 at auction through ComicConnect. I would consider that the mother of all comic pages featuring several panels of the most famous image in all of comics: Superman carrying, and smashing, the green car over is head!


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