Is World War Hulk Making Its Way to the Big Screen?

by Robert D'Ottavi

102221A-300x157 Is World War Hulk Making Its Way to the Big Screen?Since 2008, Marvel Studios has been trying to get another Hulk solo project off the ground. However, unlike nearly every other Marvel character, Marvel Studios does not entirely own the Hulk. The film rights for the character are split right down the middle with Paramount Pictures. A new rumour suggests that World War Hulk is finally making its way to the big screen!

p1_0-198x300 Is World War Hulk Making Its Way to the Big Screen?What Is World War Hulk?

World War Hulk is a storyline that ran from May to November of 2007. The series was a sequel to Planet Hulk, which saw the green giant exiled from Earth by a robot Nick Fury. In the series, Hulk goes on a one-man mission to eradicate all those who wronged him. Hulk comes up against the Illuminati, consisting of Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange.

In the best of ways, the series is the comic book equivalent of getting your Marvel figurines together and having the Hulk just beat the living hell out of all of them. World War Hulk was a huge success, much like its predecessor, which inspired elements of the 2017 film, Thor: Ragnarok.  

Is World War Hulk Making Its Way to the Big Screen?

According to the GWW, Marvel Studios have not only regained the film rights to the Hulk and all related characters (She-Hulk over on Disney+ seems to confirm that), but the studio is looking to begin production on World War Hulk as early as next year. This timeline does indeed line up with the release schedule for the aforementioned, She-Hulk, which is set to begin streaming sometime in 2022.

world-war-hulk-1-aspen-variant-signed-michael-turner-aspen-coa-marvel-comic-book-14148-p-193x300 Is World War Hulk Making Its Way to the Big Screen?World War Hulk could indeed become a big deal, but could that lead to an increase in value to the original comic? Of course. However, considering the book is modern, I am not entirely sure how much more the thing is going to grow.

The last sale for a 9.8 grade of World War Hulk #1 was in March and was for a little under $100 (USD). Now, with modern books such as this, I would actually be looking at some of the many variant covers produced. The Aspen cover is such a variant one, as the year average price is $50 more than the original cover.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t be investing in something like this. Even if the rumour is legitimate, I don’t see a huge amount of growth for the book. If, however, you wanted to get in cheap (which, admittedly the 9.8 grades are) you could pull a little turnover. In all honesty, the decision is yours.

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Sal October 25, 2021 - 10:48 am

I’m having a hard time understanding the author’s logic… It’s modern, so not sure how much room it has to grow? Every comic was modern at some point in time. The whole theory of collecting is that it gains value over time. Hold this series for another 10 years, and see where it is then. I’ve been waiting for the Hulk to really make his way into the MCU. So far, it’s been hit and miss. He’s my favorite all time character and I own almost every comic starting from Hulk #1. Let’s hope this movie is a success and true to the storyline.

Kenloi November 2, 2021 - 10:38 am

I agree. Action 1 was modern once and i believe was only worth a few hundred bucks in a reasonable condition in the 1970s. The trend is to hype all modern comics for a quick ebay sale rather than holding and build a collection. Many people are beginning to realise a wiser move may be to hold certain comics for a few years and on as prices have stabilised for now. Many people just cant wait and need a fast buck. Social media and the internet has a lot to answer to sometimes but hey its all good…


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