World of Warcraft #9

by Jeff
geekgoggle World of Warcraft #9

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World of Warcraft #9
Wildstorm Comics (DC)
Simonson, Buran & Moore

The plot thickens for the out of place king as he advances to his thrown held by an imposter. The latest issue provides more characters, more creatures, more battles, more assassins and some more mystery. I’d say we have ourselves another solid issue in this growing universe.

Lo’Gosh and his crew are hoofing it to the capital. They don’t want to take too many chances of being spotted so they try to keep a low profile. In the borderline annoying subplot of Valeera and her abuse of magic, she alerts everyone to their presence by trying to snag a Fel dagger. This leads directly into a den of raptors. This scene provides some excellent fighting, but it also provides a bit of a placement problem. At one point the woman peddling the dagger is on Valeera’s right, yet when she knocks the woman back we see she is on her left. I found it annoying enough to restudy the page. However, the art for the fight against the raptors is awesome.

In the background another assassin is hired, by another mystery person to kill Lo’Gosh. Thankfully, this assassin is later seen in this issue, which is better then dragging it on and on.

Back at the old castle, the dwarf king senses that something is wrong with the imposter king. The imposter king keeps refusing to send aid to the king’s dwarves against the dark iron dwarves. Later, the dwarf king learns of his kingdom in heavy trouble and he rushes off to join the fight, while the imposter king lends no help.

Lo’Gosh and company are met with some of these dark iron dwarves on their road to the castle. Here we learn that one of Lo’Gosh’s buddies, Thargas the dwarf, has a brother held captive by the dark iron dwarves. When the battle against the dark iron dwarves ends they are confronted with the assassin and more creatures.

The issue ends with Valeera drained from the dark magic and Lo’Gosh making a choice as to their new path to follow.

It’s a solid issue. There are three battles and we learn some more about the Thargas dwarf. Also, we learn more about the imposter king and the dwarf king. There are a lot of moving parts and we haven’t even really been introduced to the bad guys. I am getting a little bored of Broll lecturing Valeera about the dark magic. He was a much more interesting character when he just did a lot of yelling and fighting.

The art is really outstanding. You have a multitude of dwarves and they all have their own uniqueness to them just as the orcs had in the first three or four issues. The issue really has some clear battle scenes in it. This issue doesn’t make the same usage of color as previous issue had, but it does give a wide range of colors that you might not find in your average comic.

Aside from the Broll-Valeera thread boredom and the character placement gaffe I cant find anything not too like about the issue. Well, I take that back. A new reader would be lost reading this. Even the dwarf king mentions how he knew of Lo’Gosh, but the new reader for this issue has no frame of reference as to the person he mentions who told him about Lo’Gosh and its important to know!

Another fun installment for a very big and creative universe. Each issue adds more and more to the story, character list and body count. A very satisfying read.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

MAY080253D World of Warcraft #9
World Of Warcraft #9

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