World of Warcraft #10 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle World of Warcraft #10 REVIEW

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World of Warcraft #10
Wildstorm Comics (DC)
Simonson, Buran & Hope

It’s time to rescue the dwarf! This issue focuses on the attempted rescue of the dwarf prisoner, named Hjalmar Anvilmar. He is the brother of one of Lo’Gosh’s buddies, Thargas. This issue gives the usual fill of action, but for the first time it feels a little unreasonable in terms of what they achieve. The artwork still delivers on every level. In all, this issue was good but nowhere near great.

The issue begins with Lo’Gosh and Thargas beating the snot out of dark dwarves. This scene provides some information and some humor. Lo’Gosh and Thargas get enough information to proceed to a bridge/base that had previously been held by the good guys and is now in the hands of the dark dwarfs.

Broll and Valeera are off on their own because Valeera cant be trusted with her dark magic ingestion. They decided to do a quick scouting mission to Thandol Span. This used to be held by the alliance, but as Broll and Valeera figure out, the dark dwarfs are keeping it and the dwarf prisoner there.

Elsewhere, the fake king tells the dwarf king he wont be helping in the war with the dark dwarfs. The dwarf king leaves to aid his people and find the real king, Lo’Gosh.

jun080282a World of Warcraft #10 REVIEW
World Of Warcraft #10 (Cover A – Samwise)
jun080282b World of Warcraft #10 REVIEW
World Of Warcraft #10 (Cover B – Ludo)

Eventually, they all meet up at Thandol Span and rescue the dwarf prisoner. This provides a unique and surprise ending. It ends with a ton of action as there is essentially a war at the wall.

Here is why I didn’t like it. I found myself wondering too much about how easy it was for such a small group to retake (or even almost retake) the Thandol Span. The dark dwarfs even knew they were coming! If this bridge were so easily taken back then why wasn’t this tried earlier by the dwarf king? I felt like something was missing in this plot somewhere. I realize Lo’Gosh and company are supposed to be special warriors, but they were able to accomplish way too much with such ease in this issue.

I loved the art. This comic is all about new, creative looking creatures and fighting and the comic has a lot of each. This issue’s highlight was a hand getting chopped off. It just doesn’t get much better than that! As always, the color provides a huge leap in connecting the excitement of the battles with the outstanding artwork.

I liked this issue, but didn’t love it. If you are into this series than you might like the whole dwarf saga, but for me it felt a little too forced. I am eager to see them back on the path to the throne. This issue is one of the few I felt I probably could have missed and not be left in the dark later on.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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