Wonderful Wizard of Oz Sells Out

by Jeff

One minute, she’s a girl from Kansas and the next she’s the great sorceress of the Munchkin people! How does Dorothy make such a radical transformation? Well an unexpected trip to the land of Oz sure helps. With Dorothy’s critically acclaimed descent into Oz, Marvel is pleased to announce that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 (of 8), by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young, has sold out at Diamond and will be going back to press. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #1 Second Printing Variant will feature an all-new cover from Skottie Young, depicting Dorothy and her beloved Toto. Adapted from the beloved L. Frank Baum classic, fans and critics agree– this book is a must-have!

“The art team really runs wild, delivering one of the finest visual experiences of the year. And it’s likely that, with seven issues to go, things will only get better from here. Marvel’s endeavors with its adaptations have been quite outstanding; Oz is yet another example of this publisher growing its business and doing it in a way that is both respectful and incredibly entertaining” says Richard George of IGN.com.

WWOZ_01_SecondPrinting Wonderful Wizard of Oz Sells Out

Doug Zawisza of ComicBookResources.com raves, “Shanower and Young have nothing but love for this concept and the characters therein… The visuals on the book are simply kinetic. Young brings his overly cartoonish expressionistic style here to a great fit for his work –- as though he has found the assignment of his lifetime and seeks to pump his own life into it. His characters are bouncy and engaging and the colors make the story live even moreso.”

Her first moments in Oz have been memorable. In the short time she’s been there, she has met witches, Munchkins and a living Scarecrow! There’s more in store for our young Kansas native, and to see where it all begins, check out The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #1 Second Printing Variant!

Pencils & Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
All Ages …$3.99
FOC – 1/22/09 ON SALE – 2/11/09

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