Wolverine #56 FIRST LOOK

by Jeff

With the blood of Sabretooth still fresh on his claws and the mystery of Romulus still haunting his memory, the man known as Logan leaps into a new adventure in the double-sized Wolverine #56! Up-and-coming writer Jason Aaron (The Other Side, Scalped) and legendary artist Howard Chaykin (Blade, American Flagg!) takes the reigns on the book starring Marvel’s favorite Canadian berserker!

Although Wolverine normally lets his adamantium claws do the talking, this time he must try and reason with the man named Wendell Rayfield, a recently divorced, ex-cop who is looking to end it all. The one catch…in his desperation Rayfield has taken a job to kill Wolverine! (Well, if Rayfield is looking to end it all, then this was certainly the right job to take!)

Be sure to read the special, double-sized Wolverine #56 if only to see the savage Wolverine try to reason with a man hell-bent on trying to slaughter the X-Man with a giant machine gun!

jun072197d Wolverine #56 FIRST LOOK
Wolverine #56

WOLVERINE #56 (JUN072197)
Written by JASON AARON
Pencils and Cover by HOWARD CHAYKIN
Parental Advisory…$3.99
FOC—8/2/07, On Sale—8/22/07


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