Wolverine Weapon X #1 On Sale Today

by Jeff

FEB092579D Wolverine Weapon X #1 On Sale TodayMedia Release — One of 2009’s most talked about new series begins in Wolverine: Weapon X #1, on sale TODAY! Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney, the fan favorite duo behind Get Mystique, reunite a new story that will shake Wolverine’s world to its core! In the jungles of Colombia, villages are being brutally slaughtered by a team of soldiers. It’s a mess; a bloody massacre. In San Francisco, Logan learns that Roxxon is trying to create the perfect killing machine – and he just might have to remind them they already have! Who are the Adamantium Men? How does everything tie back to Wolverine’s past? The answers start here!

Fans and critics can’t stop raving about Wolverine: Weapon X:

“This will no doubt be a bloody, emotionally-charged series, if the first issue is any indication (and it certainly is).” Timothy Callahan, comicbookresources.com

“Aaron and Garney are truly the best at what they do: creating exciting and unpredictable action comics.” Steven Bari, comicsbulletin.com

“Aaron has a talent for strong, terse dialogue and vivid characterization, and unleashing him on this new core Wolverine title is the best idea Marvel has had since handing Uncanny X-Men over to Matt Fraction…[Ron Garney’s] work in “Wolverine Weapon X” may be the best stuff he’s ever done. His backgrounds are detailed, his character work is exemplary, and his use of shadows and light creates the right kind of ominous atmosphere.” Timothy Callahan, ComicBookResources.Com

This is the beginning of an all-new epic story in the X-Men mythos – a perfect jumping-on point for old comic fans and new! Don’t miss Wolverine: Weapon X #1, on sale NOW!

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by RON GARNEY
50/50 Variant Cover by ADAM KUBERT
Sketch Variant Cover by ADAM KUBERT
Variant Cover A by OLIVIER COIPEL
Variant Cover B by ALAN DAVIS
Parental Advisory …$3.99

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