Wolverine Origins #33 Preview

by Jeff

After Daken reveals himself to the world as a member of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers, Nick Fury and Wolverine uncover the secret past of Wolverine’s son in Wolverine: Origins #33! After reuniting Logan with his son, writer Daniel Way and artist Doug Braithwaite dig deep into the dark corners of the Marvel Universe and how they connect to Daken. And when Nick Fury makes Wolverine an offer he can’t refuse, it sets Logan on a path of no return!

Critics and fans can’t stop raving about Wolverine: Origins:

“Wolverine: Origins #32 is thrilling and satisfying,” says Steven Bari, ComicsBulletin.com

“One of those [comics] that makes my brain work overtime with enjoyment and fascination,” says ifanboy.com

“Daniel Way is fast becoming my favorite writer. I love how he’s able to not only get into Wolverine’s head but get the reader there as well,” says GraphiteAndInk.com

Marvel urges readers to check their orders on Wolverine: Origins #33 and all Dark Reign tie-ins, as they continue to generate buzz! Don’t miss the beginning of an all-new storyline in Wolverine: Origins #33!

WOLV33 Wolverine Origins #33 PreviewWOLV33_1 Wolverine Origins #33 PreviewWOLV33_2 Wolverine Origins #33 PreviewWOLV33_3 Wolverine Origins #33 PreviewWOLV33_4 Wolverine Origins #33 Preview

Written by DANIEL WAY
Pencils & Cover by DOUG BRAITHWAITE
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC – 2/5, On-Sale – 2/25

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