Wolverine Origins #29 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Wolverine Origins #29 REVIEW

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Wolverine Origins #29
Marvel Comics
Way, Deodato & Beredo

Well I was concerned that this crossover wouldn’t have a consistent feel from title to title. I was wrong. This issue very much resembles the storytelling from Legacy. It’s an excellent issue and makes use of the techniques that have worked so well in the Legacy title the last few months. I have hope for this arc and the best part about it is I have no idea, not even a guess, as to how it will end.

AUG082409D Wolverine Origins #29 REVIEW

While Miss Sinister and Shaw scheme about Daken and plot the demise of the Hellfire Club by using Wolverine to do their dirty work, Wolverine and Xavier play catch up. Just as seen with Cyclops and countless others Xavier is in Wolverine’s head to get a sense of where he went wrong. The difference being that Wolverine is forcing the issue. The use of shock cutting dialogue from past to present is extremely effective. Wolverine does an excellent job of showing Xavier in his mind how his own words used on Wolverine now apply to the situation with Daken. It’s realistic and in character for both of them.

The issue ends with Wolverine seemingly convincing Xavier to help Daken while more Shaw’s overall plan seems to get revealed. The issue does move the plot forward a little bit, but this issue is more about unraveling the problem of Xavier not convinced that his old ways can still be used for good.

The issue has excellent artwork. The majority of the issue visually is actually a fight scene between Wolverine and the Hellfire Club. The scene is highlighted with some gruesome claw-popping. It’s classic Wolverine and it’s depicted in the same classic manner.

The issue is also strong in that it doesn’t use Daken too much. He’s a character caught in limbo. What can he really add to this story? Instead the comic sticks to the strength of the main characters. Could Wolverine bust in and rescue Daken? Sure, but what then? Daken is still a killing machine that has some memory problems. Wolverine needs Xavier and Xavier is so convinced that his abuse of his power from his early years have left him powerless to help Daken. It’s a strong dilemma and is dealt with appropriately here.

For me the only downer in the issue was the fact that the Shaw really doesn’t give much in the way of what he ultimately wants out of all of this. I felt we could have used a little in this department.

The arc rolls along and doesn’t skip a beat. If you like Wolverine playing professor on Xavier then this issue is for you. If you were worried that this issue would have too much Daken then fear not. He’s barely in it. It’s a solid story and is in line perfectly with the Legacy title.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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