Wolverine #71 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Wolverine #71 REVIEW

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Wolverine #71
Marvel Comics
Millar, McNiven, Vines & Hollowell

I can’t say I was expecting this to happen in this issue. In what seemed to take forever to cross about a third of the country, Logan and Hawkeye make it to New Babylon, their destination in this issue. They meet a couple of other familiar faces along the way, but for the most part they make it to New Babylon with ease. However, they also get met with a bizarre greeting. In another oddity, we find out what Hawkeye had in the case. He still claims it’s not drugs but I’d say it is drugs, just not the kind he alluded to. I’m wondering what Millar has left for the final two issues as he seems to have shown everything already.

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The issue begins with Logan and Hawkeye being chased by Venom wrapped around a dinosaur. They are overmatched and saved by a former X-Man. This has a lot of questions come out of this scene. Didn’t all of the X-Men die? Where was this one during the final battle? Also, if a safe haven existed for the mutants then why wouldn’t Wolverine stay there instead of living among the Hulk Gang? This scene left a lot that could use some explaining.

The second half of the issue involves the plot. Hawkeye brings Logan in with him to deliver the goods to the mob. While, its not drugs, it is a form of a drug that Hawkeye ends up asking for some of from the mobsters he delivers it to. This sets off an interesting chain of events that leads to a very bloody ending to the comic. However, I wonder if all that happens in this issue is really enough to make Logan pop his claws. From what I’ve seen I would say no, but we’ll see.

This issue is a good one. It’s not overly complex with the plot and story but it took me by surprise and that’s a good thing. It made me enjoy the comic that much more. Of course, I’ve already mentioned a ton of questions and I still have more that could easily make you nuts while reading. For example, why does Hawkeye even bother to bring Logan into the room with the mobsters? It’s really not necessary that Logan come in with Hawkeye. Or is it? There’s something else here that will make things really blow up.

The artwork is tremendous. We get a lot of iconic images of familiar Marvel Universe characters. Some are corpses while others are just studying things from afar. The ending of the comic allows the art to really show off. There’s bloodshed and it’s not shy here.

We have two more issues left in this series and I have no idea where this thing is going. I think that’s a good thing and it’s this issue that turns things on its head. If you haven’t been following this and happen upon this issue you will be clued in with a nice recap page. I only hope it takes less than two months to get the next issue out.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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