From the Stacks: “Old Man Logan” Continues in Wolverine #71

by Jeff

If you’ve been following Mark Millar’s amazing Old Man Logan arc, you’re probably as excited as I am that Wolverine #71 dropped this week.

Steve McNiven’s artwork perfectly complements the tone and pace of the story. Here’s the story so far. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

wolverine_71 From the Stacks: "Old Man Logan" Continues in Wolverine #71

50 some odd years ago, Wolverine died. In his place stands Logan, a family man who’s just trying to make ends meet. One day, the Hulk Gang (Bruce Banner’s grandkids) shows up at his door and demands their rent. Old man Logan doesn’t have it, so they beat it out of him. Enter an old, blind, ex-Avenger–Hawkeye.

Hawkeye has a job for Logan that will pay. All he has to do is accompany him on a cross-country delivery to New Babylon. Sounds simple, but nothing’s ever that simple. On their journey, they find out that Hawkeye’s daughter is in the clutches of the Kingpin. The trip takes a small detour as they go to spring her, but she has different plans. She wants to be the new Kingpin, and she’s willing to kill anybody to do it.

After narrowly escaping that situation, our two ex-heroes continue to New Babylon. After leading us on for a couple issues, Logan finally tells us what happened all those years ago.

The X-Men died at his hands! It turns out that all of the supervillains banded together to bring down the heroes. Mysterio was charged with confusing Wolverine’s sense of smell and made him think that the mansion was being invaded by a bunch of villains. Turns out, there was only one villain there that day, and his name was Wolverine! After unwittingly dispatching all of the X-Men (awesome scene, BTW), a horrified Wolverine wandered bloody and broken to a train track, where he died.

Logan hasn’t popped his claws since.

Wolverine #71 continues this amazing story and takes the duo through the Mutant Forbidden Quarter, past Pym’s Falls (breathtaking visuals), straight to the streets of New Babylon, the place where anything can happen! My lips are sealed on the rest of the issue. You gotta pick it up and see for yourself.

So, what’s your take on the story so far? Like it? Love it? Think it’s a little much? Let us know below! Don’t forget to order your copy of Wolverine #72 while you’re at it.

by Josh@TFAW

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