Wolverine #68 REVIEW

by Jeff
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Wolverine #68
Marvel Comics
Millar, McNiven, Vines & Hollowell

Part three of Old Man Logan sees some of the same ground we’ve covered in previous issues to really nail home certain points, but the bulk of the issue deals with the next generation of heroes in this burned out future and it really isn’t a pretty thing. The action in this comic is short, but it is brutal and on par with as violent an issue of Wolverine as I’ve ever seen. The issue is great and it leaves an awful lot of questions about what people’s motives really are and where they are aligned.

The issue begins with Hawkeye convincing Wolverine to take a detour to help rescue Hwakeye’s daughter, the granddaughter of Peter Parker. This sequence also gives some reality to the tight timeline that they in order to go to the east coast then come all the way back in time for Wolverine to pay his rent. It had been nagging me a little bit since they left. Anyway, this scene also gives a tiny flashback when Wolverine is handed on old X-Men trinket. We still don’t know a lot of what happened to Wolverine, but it certainly isn’t getting overly teased either.

Then the issue wastes three more pages on another town eaten by the moloids. Obviously we need this information for later, but enough with the moloids already! It’s almost as bad as Wolverine constantly telling Hawkeye that he wont fight. It almost makes me cringe when he says it because it’s embarrassing that he feels he has to keep saying it. What does Wolverine have a case of dementia? Maybe he thinks Hawkeye does.

jun082328d Wolverine #68 REVIEW
Wolverine #68

Then we see the new Kingpin and how he treats the new Daredevil and Punisher. It’s brutal and very graphic and it’s awesome. In order to torture her, Kingpin has Spider-girl locked up so he can further brutalize her later on. Hawkeye eventually busts in to save his daughter and something very unexpected happens. It’s an excellent ending.

Look the story in this comic is awesome. I love the dystopian stuff but this comic has a terrific cast of characters to use and it is using them very well. The artwork is jaw-dropping great. The comic uses some wide-screen panels and reverse wide screen panels which helps spread out the page to show extra blood and guts, which is a plus. But, the real greatness is in the faces of Hawkeye and Wolverine. Wolverine looks so old and beaten its unbelievable and Hawkeye looks so old and untrustworthy you are just waiting for him to stab Wolverine. The artwork tells a terrific story all by itself.

The comic is one of the can’t miss arcs in the Wolverine title in a long time. Sure, it’s odd that this story is taking place in the main title, but I’m glad that it is. It shows you don’t have to have just in continuity stories in the main title. This arc is great and this issue is great. I recommend it to someone looking for a future tale about Wolverine not being Wolverine. Obviously if you like some violence then this thing has that too.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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