Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly

by Jeff

Monday, May 5, 2008: At at long, ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN creators Jason Howard and Robert Kirkman are giving fans the one thing they’ve demanded most as THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN goes monthly this July!

“Frankly, I just couldn’t stay patient,” ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN co-creator and writer Robert Kirkman said. “Over the past year THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN has become one of my favorite books to write and, even more so, seeing the pages pour in from Jason has made me crave MORE! With the impending shocker we’ve got coming in issue 7, we decided to switch the book from once every sixty days to every thirty! I certainly think folks will be happy with the results.”

“The book has really shown it’s got legs,” Executive Director Eric Stephenson said. “After debuting as part of Image’s Free Comic Book Day celebration in 2007 we’ve seen strong reorder activity and rave reviews. The one complaint often heard is that the six times a year schedule leaves people waiting and waiting – with that corrected, I’m confident this book can soar to the heights of Kirkman’s other Image Titles, INVINCIBLE and THE WALKING DEAD.”

In addition, THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN VOL. 1 TP has been retooled to match up with the monthly shift, giving readers even more content than before. The new trade paperback will contain issues #1-7, extended to include the shocking revelations of issue 7, and will now lead right into the issue 8, where readers can see the new status-quo in full effect.

“One of the things I always hear about INVINCIBLE is that you need to read the first two volumes to really get into it,” noted Kirkman. “It’s always bugged me that volume one only collects four issues and the really cool stuff doesn’t kick in until the second volume. I was thinking about that when I noticed that the first ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN TP was slated to contain issues 1-4. I knew what was coming up in issue 7 and I saw history repeating itself. Luckily, there was still time to fix it.

“Now when you read the first volume of THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN, you’ll get an accurate sense of what the series is about – and you’ll see just how dark and dramatic things are going to get. I’m very excited for people to see just what this series is capable of.”

ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN #8, a 32-page full color comic for $2.99, and ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN VOL. 1, a 176-page full color trade paperback for $14.99, will be available July 30th.

may071843d Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly
Astounding Wolf-Man #2
sep071974d Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly
Astounding Wolf-man #4
nov072034d Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly
Astounding Wolf-man #5
jan082065d Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly
Astounding Wolf-man #6
MAR082090D Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly
Astounding Wolf-man #7
nov072022d Wolf-Man Strikes Monthly
Astounding Wolf Man TPB

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