WNR: One Moment in Time, Time Masters #1, Charmed #1

by Jeff

may100419 WNR: One Moment in Time, Time Masters #1, Charmed #1It’s SDCC 2010, and while Josh and Elisabeth are getting you cool news from San Diego, I’ve got your weekly peek at what’s new.

It’s still July, and that means it’s still Image Month here at TFAW, so I’ll kick things off with The Walking Dead #75. Tensions are growing between Rick and Douglas and it’s anyone’s guess how it will end up. I felt a little surprised by how quickly I reached the end of the issue, but was pleased to find that there is a color back-up story and a picture gallery of the cast of the upcoming AMC series. If, like me, you’re a latecomer to The Walking Dead you’ll be able to get closer to caught up with the latest TPB. The Walking Dead Volume 12 hit shelves today too, collecting issues 67-72. The survivors finally reach D.C., and things look like they might calm down for a little while. The art and writing in The Walking Dead is excellent all the way through. I have to recommend it. If you’re unconvinced by me, check out our interviews with The Walking Dead creator Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Dark Horse features Janet and Alex Evanovich’s entry into the comics world with the graphic novel Troublemaker Book 1 this week. This hardcover, with art by Joëlle Jones, is the third adventure of Alex Barnaby and Sam Hooker, following on the New York Times bestsellers Metro Girl and Motor Mouth. The art is crisp and vibrant and builds a great sense of environment that adds to the story. The story itself is full of action, mystery, and voodoo. Check out our exclusive interview with Janet and Alex Evanovich, and then go pick up their book.

apr101168 WNR: One Moment in Time, Time Masters #1, Charmed #1may100327 WNR: One Moment in Time, Time Masters #1, Charmed #1

Also making a crossover into comics this week are Charmed #1 from Zenescope and True Blood #1 from IDW. The Charmed Ones continue on into happily ever after with Paige teaching at the school and Phoebe and Piper trying to deal with the kids. Of course, happily ever after isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. The story is as strong as any Charmed episode so it’s well worth it for any fan to pick it up. If you
prefer vampires to witches, stop in to Merlotte’s for this first issue of True Blood. This one seems like a first issue worth picking up. The action starts right up with some truly well-drawn beasties and blood, and while the dialog is a little rough, you still want to read on. The exclusive David Messina poster included in this issue is a nice touch too.

DC offers up Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1. This is the first of a six-issue miniseries that sends Superman, Green Lantern, and Booster Gold through time with Rip Hunter in the search for Bruce Wayne. I’ll be honest with ya, I haven’t been following Batman’s adventures. I had no problem getting into this story though, and I plan to follow it. Dan Jurgens does a great job with the time travel story and all the details that go along with it. The art is bright and dynamic and the pacing of the story builds plenty of interest. Order this one, and while
you’re at it go ahead and get in your pre-orders for the rest of this story.

For the Lantern Fans, there are two new hardcovers this week as well. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps and Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns continue the Blackest Night collection. You can order them and a ton of other Blackest Night stuff from our Blackest Night page.

And not to leave the Mighty Marvel off this week’s list there is the Lady Deadpool one-shot pitting Wanda Wilson against Captain America in a fight over the right to enjoy Food Porn. That’s right, Lady Deadpool is fighting for your rights to watch the cooking channel and enjoy your bacon-wrapped porkchops! As always the not-so-subtle satire of a Deadpool story is worth reading, though this one-shot doesn’t have quite the same feeling to the writing as most of the other Deadpool titles running currently.

may100569d WNR: One Moment in Time, Time Masters #1, Charmed #1

If Deadpool isn’t your kind of story, The New Avengers #2 has a bit more superhero action in a story that may just end the world as we know it. The entities after the Eye of Agamotto have possessed Luke Cage to try and get it, and the New Avengers trash Avengers Mansion trying to stop the possessed Cage, Dr. Strange, and Daimon Hellstrom. We still don’t know who is after the Eye, but if they get away with it Everything may just be over. This story is action, start to finish. Heroic Age indeed.

Finally, not to be forgotten, or possibly to be un-forgotten, Amazing Spider-Man #638 starts One Moment In Time. Will Peter and MJ’s life be set right again? This issue is an interesting mix of new story and art with panels and pages from ASM Annual #21 in which Peter and his bride-to-be prepare for a wedding now undone. This issue started a bit slowly, but it picked up steam by the end. This one isn’t an ideal jumping-on issue, but if you are or have been a Spidey fan pick it up and see where it goes.

What do you think of these titles? What are you going to read this week that I didn’t mention? Leave your comments below.

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