WIZARD WORLD changes stock symbol, launches new magazine

by Jeff

wizardworld WIZARD WORLD changes stock symbol, launches new magazineMedia Release — Wizard World, Inc. (WIZD) (the “Company”) today unveiled “Wizard World,” its first free weekly digital magazine dedicated to in-depth coverage of the pop culture, comics, graphic novels, toys and gaming categories. “Wizard World” digi-zine gives fans of all genres what they crave – a preview and an inside look at fresh and innovative new products, and is available both as a downloadable magazine and as an Apple iPad app. Gareb Shamus, CEO of the Company also announced today that the Company has changed its stock symbol to better reflect the nature of its business. The Company now trades under the symbol “WIZD.”

Mr. Shamus states, “I believe the Company’s new digital magazine provides the best medium to give the consumers and producers of pop culture what they seek in a format they are comfortable with. Wizard World digi-zine focuses heavily on future trends and product introductions and launches, as well as spotlights those that help determine the next hottest trend. With access to fans that number in the millions worldwide and through the production of Comic Cons across North America, I believe that the Company is in a unique position to launch Wizard World digi-zine to a massive audience. Further, those who are interested in graphic novels, genre films, video games, comic books and other pop culture will likely find that Wizard World digi-zine suits their interests.”

The inaugural edition of Wizard World digi-zine includes a look at what could be the best undiscovered new comic book launch of 2011, as well as an exclusive one-on-one interview with Batman and Rain Man movie producer, and best-selling author, Peter Guber.

About Wizard World, Inc.

In addition to the new online publication Wizard World, the company Wizard World, Inc. (the “Company”) is a producer of Comic Cons and pop culture conventions across North America. These events feature celebrities from movies and TV, artists, writers and events such as premieres, gaming tournaments, exhibitors, retailers, panels, and costume contests. The Company began its 2011 Comic Con Tour in New Orleans in January 2011, and has scheduled 12 other Comic Cons in 2011 in large cities such as Anaheim, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Austin, and Boston.

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