Winners of Mid-October, 2017

by Matt Tuck

117495_418128fe586ac85e01ace475f628069ed76e1799-200x300 Winners of Mid-October, 2017

The comic book market can be fickle.

One mention of a movie or television show, and you get a comic’s sales soaring. Then the movie or show reaches viewers and you end up watching those issues you invested in dropping like cinder blocks in the Mississippi River.

One thing we can see in the Hottest Comics list for so far in October is that some of the top movers are traditionally good sellers. You’ve got “Amazing Spider-Man” #298 and “Avengers” #57, both titles that are classics among comic fans for different reasons. You’ve also got the newcomer, “Totally Awesome Hulk” #22, that is only getting hotter as fans scramble for that elusive first print.


Hulkverine, despite a horrendous name, is among the best-selling comics on eBay these days. Since it hit local comic shops in mid-August, the debut of the Hulk/Wolverine mashup has been quite popular. After just two months on shelves, “Totally Awesome Hulk” #22 has cracked the top 10 among the Hottest Comics. Presently, it is nestled tightly behind the ever-popular “New Mutants” #87, and it just might overtake Cable’s first appearance by the middle of November.


You could think of “Amazing Spider-Man” #298 as the first appearance of Todd McFarlane if you wanted.

ASM #298 was the first time comic fans laid eyes on McFarlane’s signature style on the cover of a Spider-Man title. Just two issues later, one of the most popular comic artists in the history of comics would pencil one of the most popular covers in the history of comics, the pages inside showcasing the first appearance of one of the most popular villains in the history of comics. (Did I mention it was all popular? I forget.) And it all started with ASM #298.

The appreciation for McFarlane’s debut on “Amazing Spider-Man” is evident as it has risen 11 places into 13th place.


My inclination is that the anticipation for “Infinity War” on the horizon is boosting sales of “Avengers” #57. Of course this isn’t an issue that is ever unpopular; it’s the first appearance of a major character and features a beautiful, iconic cover.

With Vision holding an infinity stone in his forehead, it’s reasonable to assume that he will play a big part in the movie. Collectors are likely trying to put their hands on their own copies now before the movie hits theaters and drives up prices of this issue. It moved up 84 spots and is currently 23rd and will likely get even higher before it’s all over with.


Vision isn’t the only Avenger getting attention in the comic market. The one member of the team without a superpower (or super-powered suit, for that matter) and a purple costume, Hawkeye made his debut in “Tales of Suspense” #57. So far this month, it’s taken the top 100 by storm, rising 381 spots to take over number 97. If you happen to have a copy, it will be interesting to see if it climbs any higher as “Infinity War” draws closer.

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