William F. Nolan discusses all things Logan’s Run

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nov090658 William F. Nolan discusses all things Logan's RunOne of the most exciting new offerings this month is Logan’s Run: Last Day, a 24-issue limited series from the folks at Bluewater Studios.

Having discovered the Logan’s Run novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson back in high school, I was pretty psyched to hear about this adaptation. It looks like this adaptation will stay true to the novel, rather than the 1976 movie starring Michael York.

I had the chance to interview William F. Nolan about the new adaptation, his plans for other series with Bluewater, and the state of a new Logan’s Run movie:

TFAW.com: It is nice to (virtually) meet you, Mr. Nolan.

William F. Nolan: Thanks, glad to (virtually) be here!

TFAW.com: We were really excited to hear about Logan’s Run: Last Day, the new comic book adaptation of your novel. How did the comic come about?

Nolan: My good friend and author/filmmaker Jason V. Brock (Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man) and his wife Sunni saw an article about Bluewater in the local Vancouver, WA paper. Jason does some agenting on my behalf and contacted Darren G. Davis, the president of Bluewater.

We scheduled a meeting at their offices in Vancouver, and they were very excited about the Logan property. Jason (who is also an artist and the Art Director/Managing Editor of Dark Discoveries magazine) and I assisted in working on the designs and costumes for some of the characters, which they are using in the final comic. Also, Jason had come up with a great storyline for a new Logan book we are outlining that uses the original book and expands on the backstory, updating it significantly.

That’s where Paul J. Salamoff comes in: he was chosen to adapt the novels into comic format, but none of us really wanted a “straight” adaptation of the books–it’s been done by MGM, Marvel, Malibu Graphics, and so on. It was time for a fresh take on Logan. Paul was perfect for the job. Not to mention that the four of us–Darren, Paul, Jason, and myself–all work well together and have gotten to be friends.

TFAW.com: Logan’s Run isn’t a stranger to comics. Other publishers have done mini-series adaptations over the years. Is there something special in today’s world that prompted you to move forward with an adaptation?

Nolan: I was not happy with Marvel or Malibu’s versions. I very much disliked the art in the Malibu edition, though they were faithful to the books. As far as the Marvel version, it was just too “superhero”: Logan is a real character, not a superheroic one, and I was never that pleased with it. In addition, they were really adapting the MGM movie, which is flawed, not the book that I wrote with George Clayton Johnson.

Given the current trend of Hollywood getting interested in comic book works, I feel that this is the perfect time to get a really great version of Logan out there . . . and this is the one.

TFAW.com: To what degree are you involved with the Bluewater Productions adaptation of Logan’s Run?

Nolan: I have final creative say-so over the artwork and storyline, as well as writing for some of the other titles we have planned.

TFAW.com: Will Paul Salamoff be staying pretty close to the original story or have you given him some freedom to move about in the world you’ve created?

Nolan: Paul is working off the outline that we provided, but has added a couple of elements. He is actually being faithful to the first two books (Logan’s Run and Logan’s World) at the start of the series. All of us are excited about the directions that we could go after these first six or so issues.

TFAW.com: What has Daniel Gete brought to the table in terms of art for Last Day?

Nolan: His work is very good. Jason and I both like his rendering and layouts a lot. His vision is in concert with ours: strong and direct–perfect for Logan.

TFAW.com: For someone who might only be familiar with the 1976 film version of Logan’s Run, what differences can they expect to see in the comic?

Nolan: We wanted as many things as possible to be different from the film, for legal and artistic reasons. We went back to the source material as much as possible, and built on that. You’ll see very soon!

TFAW.com: Awhile back, I heard that the series was scheduled for 24 issues. Is that still the case?

Nolan: Yes, 24 issues is correct. We have a lot planned for the series.

TFAW.com: Are you planning on working with Bluewater Productions on any other series?

Nolan: Yes. I signed on to do have an adaptation done of Sam Space, my future-noir character, for a run of four to six issues, and Dark Universe, a run of six issues utilizing my horror stories as source material. I am slated to adapt at least two of these, and Jason Brock has been tapped to adapt three of my stories.

TFAW.com: There have been whispers of a remake of the Logan’s Run movie. Are there any plans to move forward on a film project?

Nolan: It’s more than a whisper–it’s been in “pre-production” for 13 years! Joel Silver is involved, as well as Bryan Singer, among others. They still plan on making it, but when . . . that is the question. We’re hoping that the direction that we plan on taking the comics will light a little fire under Hollywood, as well as give them a bit of direction for a possible way of doing justice to the spirit of the books. It is a great candidate for a remake, as the technology has improved dramatically since 1976 and they could really do a lot with it.

TFAW.com: One last question: At TFAW.com, we’re always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our customers . . .

Nolan: I think I know what you mean . . . would you like some signed copies of the comics? I’m sure Darren would be happy to supply some for you guys, and I love to sign for fans! How about 15 or so copies for you guys?

TFAW.com: Absolutely. I think our readers would like that very much. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us about Logan’s Run: Last Day, and thanks for signing some books for us!

Nolan: No problem: any time!


You heard what the man said, we’re getting 15 signed books, and we’re offering them up to 15 random people who pre-order any Logan’s Run: Last Day issue by 1/24/10. Winners will be announced in the TFAW.com Newsletter on 1/28/10!

In the meantime, check out the four-page first look and whet your appetite. ;0)

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