Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?

by Matt Tuck

042522E-1024x536 Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?Valkyrie could be in for a larger role in the MCU beginning with Thor: Love and Thunder. Don’t forget that there have been several Valkyries in the comics, including Jane Foster, and that could play out on the big screen.

Now that the teaser trailer for Love and Thunder is racking up record views on YouTube, fans are pumped to see Thor, Jane Foster, and Valkyrie return to the ranks. As Thor goes on his adventure to find himself and Jane takes up Mjolnir, it leaves Valkyrie to watch over the Earthly Asgard. 

From the comics, we know that Valkyrie is a title more than a single character. While the MCU’s version trades her sword for a scepter, we could see another character ascend to the role in her place. Who could that be? Let’s take a closer look at four key issues that could hint at the MCU future of Valkyrie.

b1608720014486avengers_83_new-195x300 Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?


When it comes to Valkyrie lore, this is the first issue that most collectors target. It was in this issue that we originally saw a character calling herself Valkyrie.

Of course, this was actually Enchantress in disguise, but it is recognized as the first appearance of Valkyrie all the same. That is why it has such an inflated price tag.

We haven’t seen a graded 9.8 sell since 2019, but the 9.6 has shown activity this year. Like most first appearances, Avengers #83 peaked when Valkyrie initially debuted in the MCU. Prices for the 9.6 spiked into $2k territory in 2016, but they have since fallen to the $1k range.

With the new movie looming, those values are climbing. Since December, three copies have sold for as low as $1,740 to as much as $1,920.

Hulk-126-201x300 Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?


Although Avengers #83 gets the glory, you will want to put Hulk #126 on your wish list.

While we don’t see Valkyrie, this issue marked the first appearance of Barbara Norris.

Of course, she would go on to become one of the most famous Valkyries.

The good part is that finding her first appearance won’t cost you four figures to own a higher grade.

Since last May, the 9.6 typically stays in the $400 range.

Defenders-4-201x300 Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?DEFENDERS #4

We have not seen Barbara in the MCU, but that could be coming. While there have been several characters to call themselves Valkyrie, Barbara was the primary character to use the moniker during the Bronze Age.

In Defenders #4, she officially took up the title, and this could play out in the future MCU. In true Marvel Thor fashion, Barbara shared a mortal form with the Asgardian Brunnhilde. This was similar to the Thor/Donald Blake relationship, with Blake transforming into Thor.

After Enchantress gave Barbara the power and consciousness of Valkyrie to help the Defenders, Barbara’s mind was trapped in Brunnhilde’s body on Asgard. Yeah, nothing is ever simple in a comic book.

The last 9.8 to sell online was in 2019, but a 9.6 sold for $1,095 in March.

War-of-the-Realms-Omega-1-195x300 Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?


Jane Foster is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite superhero after seeing her wield the power of the thunder god. Remember that, in the comics, after the Goddess of Thunder died in Thor #705, Jane was resurrected as Valkyrie in 2019’s War of the Realms: Omega #1.

Reportedly, Love and Thunder will follow the comics, and Jane will have cancer. That gives a strong indication that she will eventually give up Mjolnir and become a Valkyrie. In that event, that’s going to put this issue high on the collecting lists.

Last year, the 9.8 cracked the $100 mark, but the only sale in 2022 saw the price drop to $39 in February.


It would be to the benefit of Marvel Studios to have a warrior Valkyrie, and that could happen with her joining a new team. Under one name or another, she has been a part of the Secret Avengers, the Lady Liberators, and the Asgardians of the Galaxy. Love and Thunder could very well lay the foundation for one of those groups, which will give collectors more keys to chase.

Which Valkyrie do you think we’ll see? Let us know in the comments!

000052721D-1-Footer Will We See a New Valkyrie in Love and Thunder?*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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