Will the Real Deadpool Stand Up?

by Norman Robinson III

147540_099b4fbcf31cc85003de83875666471105bffdcf-194x300 Will the Real Deadpool Stand Up?Deadpool first appeared in comics in February of 1991. He was given life by Rob Liefeld who created the script, did the art and even inked this new anti-hero. The effort to create this sarcastic and fun hero was a tad lopsided. Liefeld created Deadpool in New Mutants #98. However, according to many fans, the real first Deadpool, is when he was written by Joe Kelly. In December of 1996, Kelly wrote for Deadpool #1 starting the series. This also happens to be the first appearance of T-Ray, Blind Al, and Patch key characters. Joe Kelly’s run gave us a wisecracking, foolhardy, trolling superhero, without a care in the world. The most fervent fans of this character began to love Kelly’s Deadpool. He had a very unique take on this red ninja. His run on this Deadpool series was so popular when Marvel tried to cancel it at issue #25 fans did a write-in, as well as an internet campaign; they just wanted to keep Deadpool running. This led to Marvel reversing the decision and Joe Kelly continued work on Deadpool until issue #33. We have two Deadpools and only one is the real deal. Which of these two comics has the greatest current trend return?

New Mutants #98

The first real appearance of Deadpool is in New Mutants #98. It ran up a bit going into the first movie. The second movie bombed in my opinion. The only good thing about Deadpool 2 was the scene when everyone in the team is killed by freak accidents after sky jumping into action. Simply, hilarious. I know that reads awful, but it is the truth. I never laughed so hard in the movie except at that fateful scene.

New Mutants #98

The returns for New Mutants #98 have been phenomenal in some grades, not so much in others:

  • Grade 9.9 has returned a positive +165.3% trend
  • Grade 9.8 has a more modest positive +4% trend
  • Grade 8.5 has returned a positive +10.3%
  • Grade 6.0 has returned a positive +28.8%
  • Grade 3.5 in the readable copies has returned positive +20.2%


157649_2f86ecbaa928f9e67e3d8022fc15b3be3d04f73f-197x300 Will the Real Deadpool Stand Up?In comparison, Joe Kelly’s Deadpool has a huge fan following, obviously and is the Deadpool we all know and love in the theaters. That being said, it might be a favorite of Deadites everywhere; but it lacks in the return department. Across the board, the numbers below basically doom this book over the long haul. The following returns for Deadpool #1:

  • Grades 9.8 has returned a negative -20.9%
  • Grades 9.6 has returned a negative -23.4%
  • Grades 8.5 has returned a negative -40.8%
  • Grades 7.5 has returned a negative -19.4%




The trends look as flaccid as Deadpools reforming hand in Deadpool 1 the movie. Perhaps if we look a little deeper and use the ole “maximum effort” we can scare up some potential short-term returns.  Deadpool #1 short-term:

  • Grade 9.8 has returned a negative -2.3%
  • Grade 9.6 has returned a positive +5.4%
  • Grade 9.2 has returned a negative -22.1%
  • Grade 9.0 has returned a negative -17.9%

No luck for you, Deadites, the Joe Kelly number one Deadpool may hold a place in your heart but it comes up short in your checking account. The first appearance of Pool in New Mutants #98 even over the short-term six months or less dominates the Joe Kelly book. There is simply no way around it; Rob Liefeld created Deadpool and his first appearance is the primary vehicle for comic book returns for this franchise.


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