Will the Next Superman Please Stand Up!

by Mike W

Next-Superman-300x157 Will the Next Superman Please Stand Up!The recent casting of Robert Pattison as the new Batman appears to be a signal of a new movie universe. With that, rumors are swirling around the current state of affairs for the Man of Steel, also known as Superman. Currently, Henry Cavill is holding the role down since 2013, but rumors believe a replacement could be coming along. Or maybe we are seeing two Super-Man?

DC Comics appears to be in a transition in all entirety. In the comics world, they are rolling with the Future State event where they are introducing new characters and re-introducing characters in new roles. Whether it’s Tim Fox taking the mantle as the new Batman or Jonathan Kent protecting the earth as Superman while his dad is off on a distant planet. In the movie world, there is constant chatter about the DC Comics Extended Universe (DCEU) deciding to do a half or full reboot on their movies and characters.

ell-195x300 Will the Next Superman Please Stand Up!

Calvin Ellis

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire that a movie could be coming starring a new actor portraying Superman. This actor could be Michael B. Jordan, who recently played Killmonger in the latest Black Panther movie. In addition, Jordan has shown interest publicity in playing the role. Though, he would like to play a modern version of Superman. The version he is referring to is the Black Superman from the comics. The individual he is referring to is Calvin Ellis. Ellis would go on to become president of the United States on that earth. It is said that the character is based on former President Barack Obama.

First Appearances

bobobobo-197x300 Will the Next Superman Please Stand Up!With the focus on Ellis, there are a couple of comics depicting the character’s first appearance. Final Crisis #7 is considered the first appearance of Calvin Ellis. Though, in this issue, Ellis is unnamed. One prominent grading company for comics, Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) does not note this issue as the first appearance, since the character is not named. With that, Action Comics (New 52) #9 is labeled as the first full appearance and origin of  Calvin Ellis.

As I have stated in the past, the market is currently driven by comic book grading companies. They determine the value of a comic book nowadays. In the end, this would be an issue to obtain if you are speculating. I am sure this issue can still be found very cheap in shops or in flea markets. The book is still very cheap and overlooked overall.

More than one Superman?

calvin-194x300 Will the Next Superman Please Stand Up!I did not want to fully commit that Jordan will be the new Superman for the DCEU going forward. There is no confirmed news that Cavill is officially out as Superman. In addition, being that Calvin Ellis is Superman from alternate earth (Earth-23), it is very possible in having multiple Supermans in a multiverse. We already know that the upcoming Flash movie will be introducing time travel and the possibility of a multiverse. In the end, let’s try to take each rumor “with a grain of salt” and still hope for the best for DC Comics going forward.

To me,  I believe in the multiverse idea and two Supermans, but it will be interesting to see if two actors such as Cavill and Jordan can accept the concept of sharing a character. All in all, things are starting to get exciting again for DC Comics.

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