Will the Inhumans Make a Return?

by Ariel Lazo

Msmarvel-inhumans-300x169 Will the Inhumans Make a Return?Okay, so unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Kamala Khan, or better known as Ms. Marvel, will be hitting the Disney Plus streaming platform with her own show. What many don’t know is that not only is she from my own hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey (Lord knows its needs a hero) but she happens to be an Inhuman as well. There are many other great things about her like her being an immigrant, Muslim, and a huge fan of Captain Marvel, Captain America, and our beloved Iron Man, but today I will focus more on her family ties.

The Inhumans were a race of humans that were experimented on by the Kree and obtained special powers. However, through Terrigenesis, which is the mutation caused by a mutogenic terrigen mist, some Inhumans received additional powers at the cost of genetic damage and deformities. Kamala is an Inhuman whose powers were activated after a terrigen bomb exploded in Manhattan. Since obviously, they will need to explain why she received powers, the Inhumans will have to be included. Currently, they are casting for Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans, and his brother Maximus. But like many other characters, this might just be a teaser till they fully re-emerge.

The last time we saw the Inhumans in their self-titled show on ABC it pretty much flopped. Some parts were not that bad but overall is was a disappointment. Now with Kevin Feige in charge of all creativity in Marvel, this might change. With big names being tapped for Black Bolt and Maximus, maybe this is just the start. Regardless, just in case we see big things in the form of the Inhumans, these are the comics to grab right now and if you have them, hold on to them for a little bit longer.


fantastic_four_45-198x300 Will the Inhumans Make a Return?Fantastic Four #45

Although we have met Medusa and Gorgon in previous issues (#36 and #44 respectively), this is the classic first team appearance of the Inhumans. First published in 1965, this issue has an amazing cover and it was written by infamous legend Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack “The King” Kirby. Once being sold for 12¢, it fetched over $35,000 in 2017 for a graded 9.8! That was 2 years ago! Currently, there is a big price drop below the 9.0 level, with a difference of over $2,000. Below 9.0, you can still get a great copy for under $1K, and if grade is not too big of an issue, below a 6.0 will run you $300 or lower. If and when they do a Inhumans show or movie, these prices will be out of reach.

Fantastic Four #46ff46-194x300 Will the Inhumans Make a Return?

Well what follows a first appearance? The Second Appearance! Yes Ladies and Gents, this is the second appearance of the Inhumans and the first full appearance and cover appearance of the king, Black Bolt! Now this is a more feasible priced issue with a 9.8 having an FMV of $9,750 but dropping under the $1K mark at a 9.0, which is set at $725 for FMV. Compared to $35K at a 9.8, yeah this is definitely cheaper but still one to get.


fantastic_four_47-201x300 Will the Inhumans Make a Return?Fantastic Four #47

Here is the first appearance of Black Bolt’s brother, Maximus, who is also slated to appear in Ms. Marvel. He has been both a member and an enemy to the Inhumans team. But if you saw the TV show, he is the guy we all hated and just acted like a snake. This is an affordable key that will go up in value once the show airs or someone has been finally cast as Maximus. A 9.8 sold 2 years ago for over $10k BUT at 9.4 you are looking at an FMV of only $600. You can score a great graded 7.5 for under $100 if you look around enough.



Since Ms. Marvel is the reason for the Inhuman season, it is only right to mention her and her first appearance as Ms. Marvel.


captain_marvel_vol._6_17-193x300 Will the Inhumans Make a Return?Captain Marvel #17 / All New Marvel Now! Point One #1all_new_marvel_now_point_one_1-194x300 Will the Inhumans Make a Return?

Captain Marvel #17 is her first cover appearance as Ms. Marvel (Only on the 2nd printing cover) and All New Marvel Now! Point One #1 is her first full internal appearance as Ms. Marvel. Nothing better than having your very own hero from the city you grew up and lived in. It will be tough to see how they will move forward with her in a TV series but I think it will turn out great! Captain Marvel #17 has no sales recorded for under a 8.5 on the census and that sold for $411 in January. While All New Marvel #1 has an FMV below $200 starting from a 9.6 and below. Both great grabs if you can find the wild while hunting.

What are your thoughts and the Inhumans and Ms. Marvel? With all of the new young blood coming into comic collecting, do you think she will have a huge fan base? Drop your comments below!

Till next time, Happy Hunting!

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