Will Chris Evans’ Departure from the MCU Impact Cap Keys?

by Matt Tuck

Cap-100-196x300 Will Chris Evans' Departure from the MCU Impact Cap Keys?Is Chris Evans leaving the MCU? It looks like it, and that’s why you should be grabbing up your silver age Captain America keys in preparation of Avengers 4.

Evans has made it clear that he had no intentions of playing Steve Rogers for decades. He has insinuated that he was preparing to wrap up his time in the MCU and focus more time on his other projects. He posted on social media after he completed his scenes for Avengers 4 thanking everyone, so it appears as though major changes are coming.

I’ve enjoyed Evans’ portrayal of Captain America. He’s played the straight-laced boy scout perfectly, and the solo Cap films have been among the best Marvel has produced. What Marvel has planned for Steve Rogers/Cap, we don’t know, which is exciting.

Will the role be recast? Will we get an all-new Captain America? As Tom Petty wrote, “the waiting is the hardest part.” In the meantime, here’s the state of the market on some silver age keys.


This is very much a grail. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the first silver age appearance of one of the most enduring figures in American pop culture history. With that distinction, it comes with a hefty price tag. Granted, it’s not on the level of Avengers #1, but Avengers #4 is far from a cheap buy, which explains why the lower grades are the biggest movers.

As I’ve said before, the real indication of a key’s status is the values of the lower grades. If your aim is to get an Avengers #4 for under $1k, you’ll have to stick to a 4.0 or lower. This is a comic that has long been on my wish list, but I’m also on a budget, so I’m looking at hoping to find a 2.0. Even then, anything in the good range is going to be from $500-$700.

With the fan theories of Captain America’s MCU demise, this one will continue to make leaps and bounds. If you are debating buying, I recommend you act now.


When it comes to silver age Captain America keys outside of Avengers #4, you can’t beat Cap #100. While not his first silver age appearance, this is the first issue of his self-titled series under the Marvel banner. It’s been getting more popular recently, ranking 10th on the silver age list.

Almost all the silver age keys have been going up, and most are approaching the unattainable level if they haven’t already. Cap #100, relatively speaking, is still affordable compared to many other keys from the era. You can still get a very nice 7.0 for under $300. If you want to keep your budget closer to $200, you only have to drop the grade to a 6.5. Want to go below $100? Look to the 3.0, which has averaged $86 in the last 12 months.


As far as Captain America mythos, this isn’t the most important of keys. Why is it so popular? Two words: Jim Steranko.

Steranko wrote and drew this issue with one of the most iconic images of Cap on the cover. It’s also a cheaper alternative to Cap #100. If you stay at a 6.0 or lower, you can grab one for under $70. If you’re willing to spend closer to $500, you can go all the way up to a 9.6.

As with all other silver age Captain America keys, Cap #111 is going up, so don’t waste time in buying one.

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