Wilco Spring 2020

by Casey Ashlock

Wilco-300x157 Wilco Spring 2020The American alternative rock band Wilco embarked on a tour during the spring of 2020 in support of their album “Ode to Joy”. The tour had 22 dates scheduled for that spring. However, on March 12th, 2020 they announced the remaining dates would be postponed.  The tour never happened but some of the posters did. Take look below to see the beautiful (and collectible) designs from the tour that never was. 

Duluth, MN

The first print is by Dan MacAdam of Crosshair Printing and Design in Chicago Illinois. The poster was commissioned for Wilco’s March 10th, 2020 show in Duluth, MN at the DECC Symphony Hall. The design features a massive Great Lake

IMG_57DEBD81D0C0-1-300x226 Wilco Spring 2020

freighter sailing under a raised drawbridge. The freighter sports the Wilco name on the hull with the venue name and date information serving as the vessel’s port of origin. This print was for one of the few shows that happened before the tour was postponed. The design is an 8-color silkscreen print 24’x18” that was limited to just 135 copies.

wilcomt-250x300 Wilco Spring 2020Missoula, MT

The next print we will take a look at was designed by Max Mahn at Twin Home Prints in Missoula, MT. Wilco commissioned the local artist to create the poster for their March 14th show at the Wilma Theatre in  Missoula. The centerpiece of the design is a firefighting helicopter doing what it does best, along with a helping hand from the band. The design was A 18×24” 2-color screenprint printed by Baker Prints in Chicago, IL.

Seattle, WA

Finally, we will look at are the posters for a two-night run at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA. These printswilco-seattle-228x300 Wilco Spring 2020 were designed by ND Tank from West Virginia. Both designs feature a rainy scene in typical Seattle fashion. The print for night one features a sleeping cat staying dry in front of a coffee shop. The second print conversely has a dog playing in a rain puddle. According to the artist night, one was the only design to make it to the print shop before the tour was halted. The 18×24” is a 3-color diptych on French Paper Steel Blue Construction 100#. Upright Press in Columbus, OH handled the printing.

wilcoseattle2-234x300 Wilco Spring 2020Once In A Lifetime (Hopefully)

The unprecedented nature of these times is truly something that we have all had to adjust to. The effects have rippled throughout all aspects of everyday life including live music. Collecting posters from shows during this time period is a positive way to remember this unusual time. They also serve as colorful reminders of what is waiting for us on the other side once we can get back to normal!

Swag-Store-Feb-Footer Wilco Spring 2020


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