Why a Creative Commons License was added to the ComicLists

by Jeff

You may be wondering why I added a description of our Creative Commons License and copyright to this week’s ComicLists. It’s very simple: I am very open to people using my lists on their sites or in their applications, with very few stipulations. Generally, I like to be asked first, and usually all I ask in return is the proper credit. So, when I found the following statement on a website:

creditwherecreditisdue Why a Creative Commons License was added to the ComicLists

I was a little put off. The site in question uses my plain text ComicList without permission and without giving credit to me. Of course, they say they aren’t responsible for invalid information, since they’ve done NOTHING at all to compile that information. This misuse of my information is not appreciated, and it’s a fine example of how NOT to use my ComicLists. Worse, the owner of the site says he put the site up as an improvement to one of the features found here at comiclist.com. Why not offer the code to me in order to improve comiclist.com, where more people will find it and use it, and where the author of the code would get credit?

Most likely I’ll have more to say about such things as ComicList nears its 15th anniversary (about 6 weeks from now).

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