Who You Gonna Call? Collecting the Ghostbusters Pinball by Stern

by Lauren Sisselman

050421F-300x157 Who You Gonna Call? Collecting the Ghostbusters Pinball by SternSince its theatrical debut in 1984, Ghostbusters has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations across the globe. From toys to video games, to popular juices, to remakes, this franchise has seen it all! And thanks to the creative minds at Stern Pinball, Ghostbusters also got the pinball treatment in 2016.

Origin Story

Released in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (with only 500 LE games made) models, Ghostbusters took players on a wild ride through the world of our favorite ghost-busting team. With callouts by Ernie Hudson, this immersive game really does make you feel like you’re in the movie.

Each machine features a moving Slimer toy target, a two-way ramp with a magnetic divider and scoring switches, a ball transfer target, open field drop targets, a ball eject, and detailed molded toys. The Premium and LE machines also includePinball-1-300x169 Who You Gonna Call? Collecting the Ghostbusters Pinball by Stern an interactive ghost hologram, magnetic action slingshots, different ramp designs, and more molded toys.  All three machines feature hand-drawn art by Jeremy Packer.


The gameplay is somewhat easy, with players going around New York capturing ghosts. Many would say this is one of the easier Stern pinball machines to play, but that doesn’t take away from its enjoyability. Any fan of horror, comedy, pinball, and of course Ghostbusters fans will find value and will play this game over and over again.

Unfortunately, this game is officially locked in the Stern vault, which means if you want one for yourself you’ll have to pay a premium price for it. You can find the Pro edition on various game room websites for as low as $5,899 (the original MSRP) and as high as $7,999. On eBay Pro’s have sold for $6K, which means if you’re looking to invest in this machine, your money should go into the Premium or LE.

Trying to buy one?

Pinball-1-1-165x300 Who You Gonna Call? Collecting the Ghostbusters Pinball by SternPremiums are somewhat difficult to find for sale. There is one currently looking for a new home for $7,090. Finding an LE is even harder. As there were only 500 made, it’s safe to assume most people are holding on to them. If you do happen to find one for sale, expect to pay over $10K for it. You will most likely make a slight off of a Premium machine, but you will make an even better profit off of an LE — if you can find one. Collectors are always on the hunt for the Ghostbusters LE, so if you’re looking for a quick flip with a profit, you’ll do alright with this machine.

Stern does have a habit of re-releasing games every so often, and I have no doubt Ghostbusters will be re-released at some point. Sadly, I don’t have a crystal ball, so it’s anyone’s guess when this machine may see the light of day again. Have you played Stern’s Ghostbusters? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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