Who is the Blue Marvel?

by Jason Short

Blue-300x157 Who is the Blue Marvel?Who is the Blue Marvel? Will we soon see him join Monica Rambeau? What potential does this character have for collectors?

A New, Old Character

Adam Brashear is a character created in 2008.  Like Isaiah Bradley before him, he has been retconned into Marvel history.  The character became well known with the formation of the Ultimates.

ALBM1-195x300 Who is the Blue Marvel?Legend of the Blue Marvel

The character first appeared in the 2008 mini-series, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel.  That series had a minuscule print run.  There are currently fewer than 200 copies in a 9.8 of Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1.  In the last year, the book has almost tripled in price.  At the end of 2019 going into 2020, copies could be had in the 500 dollar range.

The current FMV on the book is 1,800 dollars and climbing.  Lower-grade copies in the 9.4 and 9.6 ranges are available for under a thousand dollars.  His second appearance in Blue Marvel #2 is much more reasonable.  Copies in a 9.8 currently have an FMV of $450.  The original mini-series only lasted five issues.  Later issues of the series had a print run of fewer than 10,000 copies.  This was not a popular book at the time of its release.

MAV23-198x300 Who is the Blue Marvel?

Blue Marvel and Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau is most well known because of her appearance on the show WandaVision.  But way back when, she was known as Captain Marvel, and lead the Avengers.  She burst onto the scene with Amazing Spiderman Annual #16.  Her first appearance has skyrocketed in price since her appearance on WandaVision.

Like the other female Captain Marvel, Rambeau has gone through a ton of changes over the years.  It was during her time using the alias Spectrum that she meets Blue Marvel.  In Mighty Avengers #1, Blue Marvel heals Rambeau from an attack by Thanos’ minions.  The two heroes become romantically linked.  They later form the Ultimates, who cameo in Avengers #0, before showing up in full in Ultimates #1. The new Ultimates team spotlights both Rambeau and Brashear prominently throughout its run.

ULV21-198x300 Who is the Blue Marvel?

The Ultimate Heroes

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new phase of storytelling, the time is ripe for a new superhero team.  Could it be the Ultimates?  The Ultimates in comics are a space-based group, tackling intergalactic threats.  With Monica set to go off into space with the Skrulls, this might be the opportunity to bring in a successor group to the Avengers.

Ultimates #1 is a very reasonably priced book.  Currently, CGC 9.8s are right around $150.  The interesting thing about this incarnation of the Ultimates is their interaction with Galactus.  The first arc sees the team transforming the world eater into a Lifebringer in Ultimates #2.  It is only a matter of time until the Fantastic Four appear in the MCU.  Could the Ultimates and their interaction with Galactus be the catalyst for their origin?

A Look to the Future

Books like Fantastic Four #48 and #49 are considered grails to most comic collectors.  However, these books are also out of the price range of the vast majority of collectors.  Books featuring the Blue Marvel are at a more reasonable price point.  If we do see the formation of the Ultimates, expect these books to skyrocket in price.    The Guardians of the Galaxy were an unlikely hit for Marvel, why can’t the Ultimates be next?

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