Who is One-Above-All and could He be in the MCU?

by Jake Zawlacki

dr-200x300 Who is One-Above-All and could He be in the MCU?

Have any of you heard of the capital “G” God of the Marvel Universe? And is there a possibility of the omnipotent omnipresent omniscient being entering the MCU?

The One-Above-All (not to be confused with the Celestial, One Above All) is the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He’s the most powerful because he literally drew the whole thing into existence.

1st Appearance

The First appearance of OAA is Doctor Strange #13. He is referenced simply as “God” and as the ruler of all realities. This isn’t a hot debate as few people are aware of this character, let alone appearance, but it may be the “First Cameo of God” which would look pretty good on a label.

Speaking of Labels

I’ve been unable to find a Doctor Strange #13 labeled with reference to the Cameo or first appearance of God/One-Above-All. When I grab a nice copy of #13 I’ll be sure to be leading this one-person crusade to CBCS in negotiating the labeling of the character.


Is it possible? Yes. Likely? Not really. However, I could see an homage to the actual One-Above-All of the Marvel Universe given the right circumstances.

In recent comics, we’ve seen OAA as represented by Jack “King” Kirby. Check out this panel:

ff-300x247 Who is One-Above-All and could He be in the MCU?

While OAA isn’t specifically mentioned by name, he’s, uh, erasing Mr. Fantastic’s face with an eraser.

dp-191x300 Who is One-Above-All and could He be in the MCU?


Deadpool really is the only current option in referencing OAA. He understands his position within the Marvel Universe and could potentially understand that he was originally a drawn character and now a movie character. The writing of Deadpool is also pretty spot on with lots of tongue in cheek references throughout.

273869_3a9f501c8a6a3c10293ee78c1b630581b5a08102-194x300 Who is One-Above-All and could He be in the MCU?

Stan Lee

It’s been two years since Stan “The Man” Lee’s death. And while that might seem like a long time, Deadpool doesn’t really care. Deadpool has already given homage to the man in Once Upon a Deadpool. It’s possible that we hear about Stan Lee for many years to come given Deadpool’s stubbornness (as in not leaving Hugh Jackman alone). I could see the man in black and red making a quip about the “One-Above-All” and staring up at a poster of Stan before dropping a hard R joke. While I’m sure Mr. Lee would appreciate the loving dedications made in Captain Marvel and Endgame, I’d think he’d also enjoy a Deadpool one-liner just as much if not more.

And if not

You can pick up Doctor Strange #13 for about $5. They aren’t sought after and most people have no idea who or what you are talking about when you mention One-Above-All. But it’s a very cool little niche of the Marvel Universe. And who doesn’t want to own the “First Cameo Appearance of God?”


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Arcticbanana May 14, 2020 - 2:23 pm

One Below All gets noticed by CGC in the Immortal Hulk series. One Above All gets nothing.


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