Which Version of the Enchantress Will Appear in Loki?

by Don

Loki-300x157 Which Version of the Enchantress Will Appear in Loki?Comic book collectors have been speculating for years that the Enchantress would appear in the upcoming Loki show on Disney+. The question is — which Enchantress?

Screen-Shot-2021-05-08-at-9.41.36-PM-203x300 Which Version of the Enchantress Will Appear in Loki?If it’s the original Enchantress who first appears in Journey Into Mystery #103 (1964), then there isn’t much to speculate on since this issue has been an important Silver Age key for a long time. In a couple of grades, this book has cooled off a bit since Marvel first announced that Loki would receive his own Disney+ show. You can still buy slabbed, low-grade copies for around $100 to $150. At the same time, a CGC 9.2 sold for a hefty $6,600 just over a year ago.

That being said, collectors speculating that the Asgardian version of the Enchantress will appear in Loki may be barking up the wrong tree. If the Enchantress that appears in the MCU is Sylvie Lushton, then there’s still time to snap up her first appearance.

Dark Reign Young Avengers #1: First Appearance of Sylvie Lushton

Screen-Shot-2021-05-08-at-9.18.45-PM-201x300 Which Version of the Enchantress Will Appear in Loki?We have good reason to believe Sylvie Lushton will appear in Loki. First, IMBd has stated that actor Cailey Fleming will be portraying “Young Sylvie” in the show. Second, Kevin Feige has been using these early Disney+ shows to slowly introduce the members of the Young Avengers. WandaVision introduced Wiccan and Speed and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier introduced Patriot. If Loki continues to follow this pattern, it would make sense for the show to introduce Enchantress, another member of the Young Avengers. For these reasons, we may indeed be meeting the Sylvie Lushton version of Enchantress in Loki.

According to the CGC Census, graded copies of Dark Reign Young Avengers #1 are exceptionally rare; CGC has graded only seven copies of this issue. There’s also little supply of this comic available on eBay (at that the time I wrote this article, there were only eight raw copies available on eBay). Since it’s unlikely that the print run for this issue was unusually low, this apparent lack of supply could mean that collectors who own this issue are waiting to unload them if / when Sylvie appears in the show next month.

Raw, mid-grade copies have recently sold on eBay for less than $25.

Dark Reign Young Avengers #4: Loki Creates Enchantress

Screen-Shot-2021-05-09-at-9.46.54-PM-203x300 Which Version of the Enchantress Will Appear in Loki?Another low-risk Enchantress key is Dark Reign Young Avengers #4. This issue reveals that Loki was the person who provided Enchantress with her powers. Although this issue doesn’t have any first appearances, I think there’s a strong possibility that a similar reveal takes place in the Loki show. Moreover, the issue prominently features Enchantress on its cover with another Young Avenger, Wiccan. For these reasons, this could be a minor Enchantress key.

Like Dark Reign Young Avengers #1, few graded copies of this issue exist. That being said, you can purchase high-grade, raw copies of this issue for $5 or less on eBay. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find this in the dollar bins in your local comic shops. I don’t think this book has a high ceiling; however, this is a low-risk investment.

Which Enchantress do you think will appear in Loki? Do you think “Young Sylvie” is a red herring? Please tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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