Which Superhero Thanksgiving Issue Should You Invest In?

by Peter Daddone

Thanksgiving-image-300x293 Which Superhero Thanksgiving Issue Should You Invest In?Superheroes know how to make Thanksgiving interesting!  Here are three comics that feature Thanksgiving as part of the storyline.  Should you invest in them?

Wanda Invites Her Father for Thanksgiving…Say What?

vision-and-scarlet-witch-197x300 Which Superhero Thanksgiving Issue Should You Invest In?Does this sound like your Thanksgiving family dinner?  So, you decide to host a Thanksgiving dinner, but there is no evidence that you have ever COOKED a Thanksgiving dinner in the large volume of stories that have exposed your life to the world.  On top of all that pressure to make the perfect meal…for the first time, you invite your father, who was someone you’ve known for decades, but only last month found out was your father.  Sound awkward?  I’m sure it does!  However, that is exactly what happens in this issue of Vision and the Scarlet Witch #6!  To say dinner conversation was a bit awkward is an understatement.  Should you invest in it?  Well, GoCollect lists exactly 1 sale for just $14 back in 2019, but I say INVEST IN THIS COMIC!  Why?  Well, first that campy throwback to the 60’s cover is awesome, second, hello, Wandavision to be released soon!  Third, you can probably get a near mint copy of the comic in your local store’s dollar bin.  Throw in another $20 to get graded and you are taking a $20-25 flier on this comic.  If (when?)  they air an episode where Magneto comes to dinner for the first time as Wanda’s Dad?  Well, that comic jumps up to over $100 easy maybe more since you will be the only one with a copy graded and ready to move!

Pilgrims of Peril in Spectre #6

spectre-6-200x300 Which Superhero Thanksgiving Issue Should You Invest In?Keeping with the theme of issue #6’s, Spectre  #6 features Ghost Pilgrims! If you like your leftover Halloween with a slab of Turkey, and spooky stories, well this issue is for you!  Written by the iconic, Gardner Fox, this issue features four pilgrims coming back to life to bring their demonic master back to our dimension.  Should you invest in it?  I really like Spectre and I don’t see a lot of his raw comics going up for sale so I say, invest.  CGC 9.4s are going in the $200-300 range.  So, maybe make sure you have a high-grade copy.  The color and art of this cover are also fantastic; which will make that high-grade copy look even better in the slab!



Frank Miller Writes a Thanksgiving Daredevil Story?

daredevil-178-194x300 Which Superhero Thanksgiving Issue Should You Invest In?Well, not really, but sort of!  Miller and Janson team up on this great Daredevil issue.  Daredevil  #178 features a beautiful cover and a Thanksgiving time story…sort of.  See, the climactic scene for the issue where Daredevil, Power Man, and Iron Fist are all trying to protect a stooge for a case Matt Murdock is trying to win, comes down to Thanksgiving Day during, and at, the historic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What fun!  Only Miller and Janson can write and draw that idea into existence.  There are plenty of CGC graded copies of this issue at reasonable prices, with 9.8 copies sitting just under $100.  At the prices of these issues, you can change your graded comic display to match the seasons!  Now, what will you display during the winter holiday season?



FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Which Superhero Thanksgiving Issue Should You Invest In?

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