Which Champions Team-Up is coming?

by Mike W

Champions-1-192x300 Which Champions Team-Up is coming?With reports now that Marvel Studios is developing an IronHeart Disney+ series, pieces of a Champions team-up could be coming down the horizon.  Could they be the next Avengers team? So, to clear things up, Ironheart, also known as Riri Williams, is a 15-year-old engineering student attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Using her genius-level intellect, Riri assembled her own suit of armor using scavenged pieces of Iron Man’s armor. In short, she takes up the mantle of Iron Man while Iron Man is in a coma in Civil War II. Interesting enough, in the supernatural genre of Marvel, there is also another rumor of another champions team that could form up. The question is which team will rise in the upcoming phases?




The New Champions:

The most current lineup of the superhero team Champions has many familiar faces you have heard of. The team consists of Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, Nova, Viv Vision, Brawn, and many more. Characters such as Ms. Marvel is receiving her own Disney+ show, while Viv Vision could appear in the new Wandavision Disney television show as well. Viv Vision is the daughter of Vision. Their debuts could be coming very soon to the MCU. Brawn, also known as Amadeus Cho, was once considered the new Hulk in waiting and still could be if Marvel wants to change the narrative. Think of this team as a younger version of the Avengers, with more of a spunky attitude and cockiness. Their series came out in 2016, and in the debut issue, Champions #1 has so many variants that I lost count.  If Marvel goes young with this team, this issue, especially the variant covers could hold tremendous value down the line. In addition, the characters are young and have tremendous potential for Marvel as well.

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OG Champions:

I picked up a graded copy of this book because I believe that this team-up could be coming to the MCU. Champions #1 came out in 1975 and the team lineup is vastly different from the younger team I mentioned previously. Though, the characters have a good mixture like the new Champions team.  The team consists of Angel, Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Hercules, and Iceman. Marvel could definitely swap Black Widow for another female hero, possibly of the supernatural genre, maybe Bloodstone? With the Black Widow coming out, the end is near for that character. Iceman and Angel have links to the X-Men as mutants coming from Fox. Hercules has been a character floating around for years and could make his debut in either the Eternals or the next Thor movie. Ghost Rider is almost guaranteed to debut, but the question would be, which version? We have already seen Robbie Reyes on ABC Agents of Shield and his own live-action show got canceled quickly as well.

Champions-1-192x300 Which Champions Team-Up is coming?











I will say this; I do not think there is room for both teams, so only one will survive. Or none could exist. If you want to invest and are unsure, grab both copies, as raw copies are affordable right now. As I said earlier, I grabbed a 9.4 CGC copy of the OG Champions #1 awhile ago and if it does not boom in the near future, then I am still fine. I really like the team and the story behind them. So for me, I try to make the situation a win-win. Anyways, which Champions team will form-up? The New or Old one?  Or do you think it will be a different team that will rise?

var-198x300 Which Champions Team-Up is coming?




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Ryan Kirksey May 12, 2020 - 10:15 am

Great info here. I had a chance to grab a really nice copy of the original Champions #1 and I passed. I regret it all the time.

Mike W May 12, 2020 - 9:44 pm

dang man. I did not even mention that Ghost Rider,Blade, and some supernatural characters could join the Champions team.


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